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    I was thoroughly unimpressed with this stuff- way too many of the jersey die cuts, and not a lot of other inserts. The stuff looks, in my opinion, very uninspired. Recieved the stated 4 hits. Ill count them down


    Boring design of a no-name rookie


    Boring design, but at least of a good player


    These are kind of a neat concept, until you realize its plywood glued onto a cardstock- but props to Panini for at least trying something new


    This guy is chasing me this year but there are worse rookies to pull.

    Overall, I dunno- I cant really complain, 2 rookie autos is usually pretty good, but it seems that every box break but mine has had a Wall, Turner, Cousins, or other decent auto in them. Oh well.

    Next post will be a list of the inserts...

    All are for trade

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    Pretty decent break!

    Don't worry, you're not the only one not in the Wall/Turner/Cousins club. I've been pulling 2nd rounders all year lol.
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      Jersey Die Cuts (UGH)
      Brook Lopez Away
      Steve Nash Home
      Tracy McGrady Away
      Carlos Boozer Away
      Marc Gasol Home
      Tyreke Evans Away
      Kobe Bryant Away
      Eric Bledsoe Away
      Damion James Away
      Chris Bosh Home
      Al Farouq Aminu Home
      Paul George Home
      Quincy Pondexter Home
      DeMarcus Cousins Away

      #d Parallel
      Jose Calderon /199

      All Time Big Men
      Bob Lanier
      Bill Cartwright

      Century Legends
      World B Free
      Toni Kukoc

      Triple Threat
      Andre Iguodala

      Century Stars
      Dwyane Wade
      Joe Johnson