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Group Break Ideas.. need input ;)

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  • Group Break Ideas.. need input ;)

    hey guys.. tossing around a few ideas... let me know what you think

    1. 09/10 Upper Deck Draft Edition Basketball Hobby 12-Box Case
    cost $25 per spot (2 hits per spot) 24 spots total

    Look for (4) Autographed cards per box (on average)!
    Be the first to collect autographs from 2009 Rookies! Try for Key Rookies: James Harden, Ricky Rubio, Stephen Curry, Johnny Flynn, and many more!

    - At least one (1) themed insert, signature or numbered parallel in every pack!
    - Look for triple-signed Draft Class Signatures featuring Legends and current stars that were drafted in the same year!
    - Collect "Alma Mater" inserts and signatures of stars from other sports or celebrities with the College they attended!

    There will be approximately (4) signatures per case that will come from the following list:

    Kobe Bryant,Michael Jordan,LeBron James,Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, Ricky Rubio (5th pick), James Harden (3rd pick), Johnny Flynn (6th pick), Stephen Curry (7th pick), Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Elgin Baylor.

    10 cards per pack, 16 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

    2. 10/11 Playoff Contenders Patches Basketball Hobby 12-Box Case
    cost $45 and $42 for each additional per team 30 teams ALL RANDOMED

    Look for (4) Autograph Cards per box, including (3) Rookie Patch Autographs (One of which will be a draft lottery pick)!!

    Each Case contains ONE of the following Autographs: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and Panini Exclusive John Wall, Dual-Signed Building Blocks Black Autographs #'d to 10 or less and Place in History Black Autographs #'d to 10 or less!

    Look for Autographed Rookie Tickets Rookie Cards, 200 Championship Tickets 1 of 1's, and Classic Tickets Prime Material Autographs #'d to 10 or less!!

    Also included are Autographs of today's top players: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Blake Griffin, Amar'e Stoudemire, Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, and Carmelo Anthony!

    PLUS Panini Exclusives: John Wall, Evan Turner, Wesley Johnson and Brandon Jennings!

    12 boxes per case, 20 packs per box, 5 cards per pack

    3. 09/10 Panini Hall of Fame Basketball Hobby 15-Box Case
    45 hits per case (30 autos 15 gu)
    $36 for 1st spot $33 for addtional spots
    (each spot gets 2 hits guranteed with everyone being eligible for the 45th hit and the #ed cards inthe case via randoms, plus SOME packs have 4 hits)

    Look for (2) Autograph Cards and (1) Memorabilia Card per box!!

    - 2 Autographs
    - 1 Memorabilia
    - 1 Common Black Border
    - And 7 Others

    - Dream Team Marks Of Fame (#'d to 49 Or Less)
    - Famed Cuts - Cut Signatures From 16 Hall Of Fame Legends!

    - Famed Signatures - Autographs of Hall of Famers (#'d 899 or less)
    - Hall of Fame Monikers - Autograph displaying a legendary player with his/her nickname (#'d 299 or less) - Larry Bird (Larry Legend), Jerry West (Mr. Clutch), Bob Cousy (The Cooz)
    - Dream Team Game Threads - Material Cards featuring regular and prime swatches from the actual game-used 1992 U.S. Men's Olympic jerseys
    - Autographs from Cynthia Cooper and Nancy Lieberman
    - Globetrotter autographs (Lemon, Haynes and Woodard)


    Base Set (150)
    Common Black Border (# to 199)
    Common Marble (# to 1)

    Famed Fabrics (24) - #'d to 325 or less
    Famed Fabrics Prime (max # to 10 or less)

    Famed Signatures (64) - #'d to 899 or less

    Famed Cuts (16) - #'d to 25 or less

    High Class (5)
    High Class Black Border (# to 199)
    HC Marble (# to 1)

    Hall of Fame Monikers (25) - #'d to 299 or less

    Dream Team (11)
    Dream Team Black Border (max # to 99 or less)
    DT Marble (# to 1)
    DT Game Threads (# to 499)
    DT Game Threads Prime (# to 25)
    DT Marks of Fame (max # to 49 or less)

    High Praise (9)

    Scoring Legends (20)
    Scoring Legends Black Border (# to 199)
    SL Marble (# to 1)
    SL Game Threads (max # to 249 or less)
    SL Game Threads Prime (max # to 25 or less)

    15 boxes per case, 1 pack per box, 11 cards per pack


    ALL 3 of these are good for the $.... the middle one is the rough, since you are guranteed NOTHING, one but has HUGE potential...

    The other 2 you are GUARANTEED 2 hits and have the shot at more... plus there are some NICE case hits in these products and for $25-$35 for 2 GUARANTEED HITS and shots at some great stuff seems like solid ideas... you all let me know what you think
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    i like this 1
    1. 09/10 Upper Deck Draft Edition Basketball Hobby 12-Box Case


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      Either Draft Edition or HOF would be fine. Had some nice hits in the last one.
      Collecting Colts and attempting super collector status with Marcus Easley

      Thanks to Brads55 for the awesome banner!!!


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        I'd say #1 shot at MJ Auto sweet. :sweet:

        1-Show me the Scans!!!
        2- Padded Envelope
        3- Card Protection -Hard Holder and Sleeve
        4- Delivery Confirmation!!!
        5-Trade by BV but negotiable
        Collect: R.Rice, L.Taylor, H.Nicks, V.Cruz, E.Manning, P.Simms, H.Carson, JPP, M.Strahan.
        Notre Dame Autos in Uniform Only !!!!!


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          I like the HOF one


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            HOF is a great gamble in my opinion

            2 guaranteed Hall of Fame autos or GU with a shot at a 3rd
            ALL of those 92 Dream Team cards are great the PATCHES and AUTOS sell for NICE $

            not too shabby


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              i want soimething from blowouts NCAA promo.... but there is no good basketball pass lots woulda been good to do by the hit, but everyone bought those up...

              i'll quit whining soon, promise
              Last edited by Dacubs?; 03-10-2011, 04:03 PM.
              Not looking for anything specific, just whatever catches my eye, but I am partial to Chicago Cubs, David Wright, Jim Palmer, Miguel Cabrera, and Yao Ming

              My Bucket


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                but I would pick #1,
                Not looking for anything specific, just whatever catches my eye, but I am partial to Chicago Cubs, David Wright, Jim Palmer, Miguel Cabrera, and Yao Ming

                My Bucket


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                  so what the Deal?


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                    gonna get the DRAFT (basketball) posted asap.... (since i just did a HOF break)

                    then another football...

                    THEN a HOF break (basketball)