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Basketball Players/Teams/Sets Collector's List

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  • Basketball Players/Teams/Sets Collector's List

    I am starting this thread to keep track of what player/team/set every member collects. If you collect a specific player or team or set, feel free to post it on here and I will add it to the list. The list below has been updated from the previous old thread.

    Players Collected
    Carmelo Anthony - stephj32
    Chris Andersen - stephj32
    Larry Bird - kadamscards
    Eric Bledsoe - lilp22
    Avery Bradley - btowle18
    Kobe Bryant - key2win, kidcarcia
    Andrew Bynum - JPLEAZME
    Rex Chapman - scot
    DeMarcus Cousins - lilp22, atazmatic (RCs only)
    Dante Cunningham - allyourbasecards
    Baron Davis - robpike24
    Ed Davis - Phlash
    Austin Daye - zagfan (autos)
    Jared Dudley - stephj32, kadamscards
    Tim Duncan - nbagreg (1997/98-2006/07 only)
    Kevin Durant - kidcarcia
    Dale Ellis - scot
    Heshimu Evans - statscards
    Tyreke Evans - kensanity
    Patrick Ewing - mrknicks
    Jordan Farmar - JPLEAZME
    Rudy Fernandez - allyourbasecards
    Jonny Flynn - juniorseau1964
    Channing Frye - Amateur_kidd
    Kevin Garnett - bubby01, bakemeister52
    Manu Ginobili - nbagreg (2001/02-2006/07 only)
    Ryan Gomes - stephj32
    Danny Granger - Amateur_kidd
    Blake Griffin - sports collector
    Hamilton (Anyone will last name of Hamilton) - bobdabench
    Ron Harper - scot, Harper
    Tyler Hansbrough - Phlash
    Udonish Haslem - scot
    John Havlicek - bakemeister52
    Jordan Hill - stephj32
    Ryan Hollins - nina
    Robert Horry - nbagreg (1992/93-2006/07 only)
    Dwight Howard - lilp22, poki516
    Andre Igoudala - Amateur_kidd
    Kyrie Irving - robpike24, whitney777
    Allen Iverson - munchman34
    Lebron James - Carolinafan, cavsfan, kidcarcia, Amateur_kidd
    Antawn Jamison - robpike24
    Brandon Jennings- cavsfan, kensanity
    Jonas Jerebko - pistonsfan9826
    Joe Johnson - jesrey
    K.C. Jones - bakemeister52
    Sam Jones - bakemeister52
    Michael Jordan - danielalba, nbagreg (1986/87-1993/94 & 1994/95-1997/98 only)
    Chris Kaman - nina
    Karl Malone - atazmatic
    Jamal Mashburn - awoj21
    Jeff McInnis - scot
    Yao Ming - dacubs?
    Tracy Murray - scot
    Jameer Nelson - lilp22
    Lamar Odom - bobbyphills13
    Shaquille O'Neal - allyourbasecards, nbagreg (1992/93-2005/06 only)
    Tony Parker - nbagreg (2002/03-2006/07 only)
    Patrick Patterson - lilp22
    Jeff Pendergraph - allyourbasecards
    Morris Peterson - scot
    Bobby Phills - bobbyphills13
    Paul Pierce - kadamscards, btowle18
    Scottie Pippen - nbagreg (1988/89-1997/98 only)
    David Robinson - nbagreg (1989/90-2002-03 only), poki516
    Derrick Rose - kidcarcia
    Bill Russell - bakemeister52
    Jon Scheyer - fritzfreddie
    Lance Thomas - fritzfreddie
    Jason Thompson - atazmatic (RCs only)
    Tristan Thompson - robpike24
    Dwyane Wade - Knight, nbagreg (2003/04-2005/06 only)
    John Wall - lilp22
    Clarence Weatherspoon - awoj21
    Mo Williams - scot
    Brian Zoubek - fritzfreddie

    Teams Collected
    Atlanta Hawks - munchman34
    Boston Celtics - kadamscards, kidcarcia, schwood, sportyryan101, stephj32, bakemeister52 (older players), btowle18
    Boston College - kadamscards
    Chicago Bulls - whalechaser
    Cleveland Cavaliers - robpike24, whitney777
    Detroit Pistons - pistonsfan9826
    Duke Blue Devils - coalregion (College uniform only), jmitchell84
    Gonzaga Bulldogs - Zagsfan (Autos)
    Houston Rockets - Freakybrownie44
    Kansas Jayhawks - teamkansas (In Uniform Autos)
    Kentucky Wildcats - statscards
    Los Angeles Lakers - bobbyphills13, jesrey, JPLEAZME, key2win, kidcarcia, ronpage69
    Miami Heat - Amateur_kidd
    Minnesota Timberwolves - nina
    New Orleans Hornets - ronpage69
    New York Knicks - callmeberto, cathaytrader, mrknicks
    Oklahoma City Thunder - sports collector, ronpage69
    Orlando Magic - ronpage69
    Portland Trailblazers - allyourbasecards, jimoz
    San Antonio Spurs - Silver&Black#1
    Seattle Supersonics - ronpage69
    UCLA (In Uniform) - nina
    UNC - Phlash
    Utah Jazz - fido, moosejaw00, norberjr
    Villanova Wildcats - Freakybrownie44
    Washington Bullets/Wizards - B.I.G.Poppa

    Sets Collected
    1997-98 Fleer - poki516
    1998-99 Molten Metal Fusion - scot
    1998-99 Molten Metal Fusion Titanium - scot
    1998-99 Topps Chrome - KADAMSCARDS
    1998-99 Topps Chrome Refractors - KADAMSCARDS
    2001 Fleer Greats of the Game College Basketball Master Set - statscards
    2006-07 Topps Larry Bird - poki516
    2006-07 Upper Deck Chronology - JPLEAZME
    2007-08 Artifacts Divisional Artifacts Game Used #ed/250 - Hands
    2007-08 Upper Deck Chronology - JPLEAZME
    2008-09 Hot Prospects - cavsfan (2Clr or more RC Patch Autos)
    2008-09 SP Authentic - JPLEAZME (Varsity Letters Autographed Patches of Lakers only)
    2008-09 Topps Black - KADAMSCARDS
    2008-09 Topps Gold Border - KADAMSCARDS
    2008-09 Topps Signature - JPLEAZME (Red & Black Facsimiles only)
    2008-09 Upper Deck Starquest (All Versions) - Hands
    2009-10 Limited - JPLEAZME
    2009-10 Studio - KADAMSCARDS (Autographs, Game Used, Proofs only)
    2009-10 Topps Chrome - B.I.G.Poppa
    2009-10 Topps Gold - B.I.G.Poppa, atazmatic
    2009-10 Upper Deck Signature Collection - Hands
    2010-11 Elite Black Box - JPLEAZME (Lakers only)
    Greats of the Game - coalregion (Autos and GU only)
    Press Pass - coalregion
    Sage - coalregion
    Sage Hits - coalregion
    Autos - whitney777
    Jerseys - whitney777
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  • #2
    Atlanta Hawks and Allen Iverson


    • #3
      I collect Jared Dudley, Boston Celtics, BC Eagles
      for sets I collect 98-99 Topps Chrome (refractors also)
      2009-10 Studio Proofs/ GU/ Auto's
      2008-09 TOpps Gold and BLack borders
      1997-98 TSC Inserts-- other 90's inserts from topps and Ultra

      not updated yet but still many of the cards are there


      • #4
        Jared Dudley
        Ryan Gomes
        Chris Andersen
        Carmelo Anthony
        Jordan Hill
        Here is who/what I collect:

        Basketball:Carmelo Anthony & Jared Dudley And ANY CURRENT CELTICS!
        Baseball: Current Yankees. Football: Earl Thomas & Torrey Smith



        • #5
          Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, and Eric Bledsoe.
          I collect Dwight Howard, J.J. Redick, Steve Nash, Ricky Rubio, Landry Fields, Kevin Love, and Eric Gordon.Tradelist:


          • #6
            Cleveland Cavs, Baron Davis, Antwan Jamison, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson


            • #7
              Dwyane Wade [03/04 à 05/06]
              Shaquille O'Neal [92/93 à 05/06],
              Tony Parker [01/02 à 06/07]
              Manu Ginobili[02/03 à 06/07]
              Tim Duncan[97/98 à 06/07]
              Robert Horry[92/93 à 06/07]
              Michael JORDAN [86/97 à 93/94 ; 94/95 à 97/98]
              David ROBINSON [89/90 à 02/03]
              Scottie PIPPEN [88/89 à 97/98]


              • #8
                Another set I'm doing

                07'08 Artifacts divisional GU /250

                Thanks man


                • #9
                  Please add me for Chicago Bulls, thank you!

                  Collecting Chicago Bulls, HOF/90's Stars Autographs, 07-08 Stadium Club Super Team #/50
                  Click here for Bucket


                  • #10
                    I collect the following for my PC

                    Jordan Farmar
                    Andrew Bynum

                    TOPPS SIGNATURE 08-09 (BLACK FACSMILES)

                    LIMITED 08-09 ((**COMPLETED**))
                    Chronology 06-07 ((**COMPLETED 2 sets**))
                    Chronology 07-08 ((**COMPLETED 2 sets**))
                    Elite Black Box 10-11 ((**COMPLETED**))

                    Elite Black Box "elite signatures" LAKERS ONLY ((**need low numbered cards***))

                    SPA 08-09 "VARSITY LETTERS" AUTO/PATCHES ** ALL LAKERS
                    SEE: Pictures by jpleazme805 - Photobucket scan on third page of main album
                    need "cityname" letters of jordan farmar (G, E, S - 2 are 1/1 one is /3)

                    (check out my 50 greatest lakers album - located at Pictures by jpleazme805 - Photobucket)
                    Last edited by JPLEAZME; 07-24-2012, 06:49 PM. Reason: update sets chase
                    My Card set needs can be found under:
                    Cards for trade:
                    COLLECT: LAKERS AUTOS


                    • #11
                      Jonas Jerebko and Detroit Pistons
                      Looking for Stephen Curry, Jonas Jerebko, Chad Jenkins, Lions Rookies, Tigers, Pistons


                      • #12
                        Please put me down for San Antonio Spurs, thank you!


                        • #13
                          Kevin Garnett
                          Old Boston Celtics
                          John Havlicek
                          Bill Russell
                          Sam Jones
                          KC Jones
                          I collect mainly football these days, Maurice Jones Drew, Joe Flacco, Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, Patrick Willis, Emmitt Smith and 1974 Topps. Baseball Derek Jeter. Basketball Kevin Garnett. Non Sports James Bond, Star Wars, Tomb Raider.



                          • #14
                            I collect the Cavs.
                            Trading for all Cleveland teams in Cleveland uniforms, Cleveland minor league affiliates & Columbus Bluejackets


                            • #15
                              also, all autos, jerseys & relics
                              Trading for all Cleveland teams in Cleveland uniforms, Cleveland minor league affiliates & Columbus Bluejackets