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  • J-e-n-n-i-n-g-s

    Was hoping to get a price estimate on a piece I have. It's from Brandon Jennings' rookie year. Each card is /625 and the autograph is on the jersey. Take a look. Also, it's professionally framed and line up so it looks legit.

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    Each card book at $40 each. You have $320 in book value right there. Some collectors pay more for the whole nameplate set than if they have to buy them one at a time. Also it is framed. It really depends on how much someone is really to spend on it. I am guessing you can at least get maybe $200+ for that if a Jennings collector is interested?


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      How only 200+ when there is 320 in BV? I was thinking somewhere in the 500's or 600's.


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        Sadly people go by EBAY prices on almost everything these days. If you sell it at a show or store, you can get closer to the book value of it. If you try to sell that on EBAY, you wont get as much.


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          I would be selling the whole pieces as a framed collection though.. eBay would count that as added value.


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            Nice set mate

            Looking for Jamal Mashburn and Clarence Weatherspoon


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              If you were trading you might get bv for it but when selling you will get ebay prices for it and the cards sell for $20 a piece so thats about $160 in card value and if you want to say $40 in the frame? I agree around $200. I dont think you would get close to what you are looking for on it. Can I ask is that what you paid or close to it and you are looking to get your money back and a little extra?
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