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  • Rare Michael Jordan

    Ok I have this Michael Jordan auto can anyone help me find the print run or a value can't find it anywhere. It's a 2013/14 SP Authentic rookie F/X Michael Jordan auto.

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    Is the card number #72 on the back? If so, that says N/A. Beckett OPG shows several different MJ Autos from that product and a lot of them show N/A. But there are three of them that book $400 and $500. So Im guessing yours is worth around that amount also.


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      What if it was graded a 9.5 and how can I put a pic on here


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        It does not show prices for the graded versions of the autos.

        There are two ways you can add pics on here. First do you have a photobucket or flickr account? If you have a photobucket account, here are some instructions:

        To put up a Photobucket photo, point to the photo you want to use.
        A "gear" icon will appear in the upper right of the thumbnail.
        Point to the gear & a list will drop down.
        Click on "Get Links" & a window of links will come up.
        Select the IMG Codes link (just click on the link below it * it will say "copied').
        Paste it into your thread post.
        Post your reply & you should see you picture.
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        If not, you can add photos in our album at the link below.