had a great day at the show, sold a lot of stuff. had a huge pull(luka doncic optic blue auto /49) and traded/sold it right away. anyways here are the newest cards I have.

2018 HA art of baseball hank aaron auto /26
2001 fleer legacy derek jeter 93 fleer auto
1982 topps kmart willie mays auto jsa
1982 topps kmart sandy Koufax auto jsa
2017 donruss aaron judge signature series auto blue /199

2017 immaculate barry sanders moments auto /10
2013 exquisite drew brees dimensions auto /25
1999 upper deck randy moss auto /100
1999 bowman randy moss auto
2017 nt collegiate john Elway "duke" nicknames auto /25
2018 absolute terry bradshaw iconic ink auto
2018 playoff dan hampton hof auto 10/10
2006 certified terry bradshaw auto 2 color patch /5
2018 flawless collegiate Patrick mahomes dual patch/auto /10 both patches 2 color unique pieces

2009 showcase mark martin/ jimmie Johnson/ dale Earnhardt jr/ jeff Gordon quad auto /45