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New collector question: Best time to buy?

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  • New collector question: Best time to buy?

    Pardon the beginner question but I'm a new hockey collector and trying to learn a bit about buying and selling. Can you share your insights about the best time to buy? For example, are cards a lot cheaper, generally speaking, in the offseason?

    On a related note, is the best time to sell right when the season starts, during the playoffs, etc?

    Any insights are appreciated!

    - Jerry

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    In general, at least from my experience in basketball. Best time to sell is when a new product comes out since it will sell for a lot more, especially on EBAY. If someone is on a hot streak or just won an award/championship, sell right away.

    But as a collector, if you want to buy for your PC, if a new release comes out, wait a month or so until the next product is released. As more newer products are released in the marketplace, the older products are cheaper to buy.


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      Thank you for the advice, that makes total sense!


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        I agree with Key2win. Like anything, if you want it right when it comes out, it will cost you more. Now would be the perfect time to buy 2015 stuff since many people are now looking at 2016. If you want to sell, do it when a player hits a hot streak. Many people who sold Jeremy Lin or Jose Canseco when their prices were high are patting themselves on the back!
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