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  • Looking to trade or sell...

    I am looking to sell or trade...mainly trading for james bond I need, star wars toys and autos, will check buckets tho in case I see something I like

    If you are buying I will bundle, free shipping over 20.


    10$ each--FILM CELLS GONE

    12 each--CUSHION PROP GONE

    15 each--UNCLE VERNON GONE

    20 each

    50 each

    Death eater mask 100, Dual auto 120

    Shipping will be a little more because of the size of these items Darth Vader Target Exclusive--10$, Han/Greedo ornament 30, Slave 1--25, Die cast toys 5 each all were displayed and are in great shape

    Movies 5$ each. Shipping is 4 for single movie and 6 for more than 1.

    movie snow white 20, muppets brand new 15, bugs life 15, Wall-e 10 others 5 each
    my trade and sale stuff..