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Delayed Release of Alien 3 Collector Cards by Upper Deck

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  • Delayed Release of Alien 3 Collector Cards by Upper Deck

    Coming on the heels of the Alien Anthology (2016) and Alien Movie (2017) card sets, I have been waiting for the release of Upper Deck's collector card set honoring the movie Alien 3 with great anticipation. However, I have been disappointed about the continual delay of this product's release. I pre-ordered a number of hobby boxes starting in early 2019 and it is now a year later. The deadline for release slipped several times during the last year, most recently from late January 2020 to April 2020.

    I am beginning to wonder if this product will ever be released. Is this kind of thing typical in the industry? Does it reflect poor pre-sale numbers? My uninformed guess is that Upper Deck is having some major problems (i.e.,. contractual issues with signing talent or artists?) but that is just speculation.

    Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else been frustrated by the ongoing delays?

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    I've opened a case of every release so far. Actually pulled a triple auto, with Weaver on it, from the Alien 2017 set. I tend to buy my cases after release mostly because the pre-release checklist can differ from release. I've been disappointed too many times over the years with certain autographs missing that were advertised in pre-release. My guess is they are waiting on one of the main cast aside from Weaver to sign. Either that, or pre-orders from major players are low.

    Whenever this does get released, I will be buying at least a case.

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      Thanks for your insight, I figured it was one of those two scenarios. That's a huge score to pull a triple auto with Weaver! That alone would probably cover the cost of the case you had to purchase. Well done. And thanks for the information about the pre-release checklist.