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Magic the Gathering Part 3

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  • Magic the Gathering Part 3

    Please let me know if you are interested in anything. I am interested in Baseball and football. Thanks

    Boros Locket
    Bag of Holding
    Bronze Sword
    Chrome Replicator
    Crashing Drawbridge
    Crystalline Giant
    Epitaph Golem
    Forgotten Sentinel
    Giant's Skewer
    Golden Egg
    Golgari Locket
    Grafdigger's Cage
    Heart-Piercer Bow
    Heraldic Banner
    Iron Bully
    Izzet Locket
    Locthwain Gargoyle
    Mana Geode
    Mantle of Tides
    Meteor Golem
    Mirror Shield
    Mysterious Egg
    Palladium Myr (Foil and Non Foil)
    Primal Amulet
    Retributive Wand
    Solemn Simulacrum
    Rosethorn Halerd
    Shambling Suit
    Short Sword
    Silent Dart
    Sleeper Dart
    Sorcerer's Broom
    Soul-Guide Lantern
    Spinning Wheel
    Traveler's Amulet
    Witching Well

    Aid The Fallen
    Agonizing Syphorn
    Archfiend's Vessel
    Aspect of Lamprey
    Audacious Thief
    Ayara, First of Locthwain
    Bake into a Pie
    Blight-Breath Catoblepas
    Blood Curdle
    Bushmeat Poacher
    Cabal Evangel
    Cabal Paladin
    Cairn Wanderer
    Carrion Grub
    Cauldron Familiar
    Cavern Whisperer
    Corpse Churn
    Crypt Lurker
    Dark Inquiry
    Davriel's Shadowfugue
    Deadeye Tormentor
    Deathbloom Thallid
    Demonic Embrace
    Dirge Bat
    Discordant Piper
    Durable Coilbug
    Duskmantle Operative
    Eat to Extinction
    Enemy of Enlightenment
    Eye Collector
    Feral Abomination
    Festive Funeral
    Fetid Imp
    Final Death
    Finishing Blow
    Flesh To Dust
    Foreboding Fruit
    Forever Young
    Foulmire Knight
    Fruit of Tizerus
    Funeral Rites
    Gloom Sower
    Grasp of Darkness
    Grim Physician
    Heartless Act
    Herald of the Dreadhorde
    Hooded Blightfang
    Hunted Nightmare
    Inevitable End
    Lampad of Death's Vigil
    Lash of Thorns
    Lazotep Behemoth
    Lazotep Reaver
    Lilliana's Devotee
    Liliana's Standard Bearer
    Liliana's Steward
    Liliana's Triumph
    Locthwain Paladin
    Lost Legion
    Lurking Deadeye
    Masked Blackguard
    Memory Leak
    Midnight Reaper
    Mind Rot
    Mire's Grasp
    Mogis's Favor
    Mutual Destruction
    Nightsquad Commando
    Nyxborn Marauder
    Oathsworn Knight
    Omen of the Dead
    Order of Midnight
    Pharika's Libation
    Rage-Scarred Berserker
    Reassembling Skeleton
    Reave Soul
    Returned Cantaur
    Rise Again
    Ritual of Soot
    Scavenging Harpy
    Severed Strands
    Silversmote Ghoul
    Soul Salvage
    Soulreaper of Mogis (Foil and Nonfoil)
    Specter's Chriek
    Stronghold Confessor
    Tattered Mummy
    Temple Thief
    Tempting Witch
    Tymaret Calls the Dead
    Tymaret Chosen from Death
    Unexpected Fangs
    Underworld Charger
    Vampire Revenant
    Venomous Hierophant
    Vicious Rumors
    Village Rites
    Vito Thorn of the Dusk Rose
    Void Beckoner
    Voracious Vampire
    Whisper Squad

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    I've left a post on "Magic.....Part 5". PLMK. Thanks, Rodney

    The main items Im looking to trade for are
    Baseball HOFers Autos I need
    Orioles Autos I need
    Baseball HOFers GU I need
    Orioles GU I need
    Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
    However other offers will be considered