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Magic the Gathering Red Cards Part 3

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  • MichelleAnn
    The cards are gong

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  • MichelleAnn
    started a topic Magic the Gathering Red Cards Part 3

    Magic the Gathering Red Cards Part 3

    Please let me know if you are interested in anything. They are not foil cards I am interested in Baseball and Football cards. Thanks

    Daring Escape
    Dark-Dweller Oracle
    Daybreak Combatants
    Destructive Tampering
    Dragon Egg
    Dragon Mantle
    Drannith Stinger
    Dueling Rapier
    Dwarven Hammer
    Earth Tremor
    Earth -Cult Elemental
    Edgewall Pack
    Electric Revelation
    Embereth Paladin
    End the Festivities
    Enthusiastic Study
    Erebor Flamesmith
    Exhibition Magician
    Expedition Champion
    Faithless Salvaging
    Falkenrath Celebrants
    Falkenrath Perforator
    Famished Foragers
    Fang Dragon
    Fearful Villager
    Fearless Pup
    Ferocious Tigorilla
    Festival Crasher
    Final Flare
    Fire Elemental
    Fire of Orthanc
    Fire Shrine Keeper
    First Day of Class
    Fissure Wizard
    Fame Blessed Bolt
    Flick a Coin
    Flowstone Infusion
    Flummoxed Cyclops
    Forbidden Friendship
    Forgehammer Centurion
    Frantic Firebolt
    Free From Flesh
    Frenzied Raptor
    Fuming Effigy
    Furious Bellow
    Furnace Strider
    Furor of the Bitten
    Galvanic Relay
    Genasi Enforcers
    Ghitu Amplifier
    Gift of Wrath
    Gimli's Axe
    Gimli's Fury
    Gnawing Crescendo
    Go For Blood
    Goblin Arsonist
    Goblin Javelineer
    Goblin Picker
    Goblin Trailblazer
    Grabby Giant
    Grand Ball Guest
    Grim Initiate
    Grotag Bug-Catcher
    Hangar Scrounger
    Haradrim Spearmaster
    Harried Spearguard
    Harvesttide Infiltrator
    Hazardous Blast
    Heightened Reflexes
    Hero of the Games
    Hexgold Slash
    Hoarding Ogre
    Hobgoblin Captain
    Illustrious Historian
    Immersturm Raider
    Improvised Club
    Improvised Weaponry
    Impulsive Pilferer
    In Thrall to the Pit
    Ingenious Artillerist
    Inordinate Rage
    Insufferable Balladeer
    Iroas's Blessing
    Ironhoof Boar
    Irreverent Revelers
    Jaded Sell-Sword
    Javelin of Lghtning
    Jaya's Firenado
    Karsus Depthguard
    Keldon Strike Team
    Kessig Flamebreather
    Kindled Fury
    Kindled Heroism
    Kuldotha Cackler
    Lacerate Flesh
    Lambholt Harrier
    Lave Serpent
    Light 'Em Up
    Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Spear
    Lightning Strike
    Lightning Wolf
    Marauding Dreadship
    Mayhem Patrol
    Merchant of the Vale
    Meria's Outrider
    Merry Bards
    Mind Collapse
    Minecart Daredevil
    Mirran Banesplitter
    Molten Blast
    Molten Monstrosity
    Molten Rebuke
    Moonrager's Slash
    Mount Velus Manticore
    Mounted Dreadknight
    Neonate's Rush
    Nyxborn Brute
    Orge Errant
    Olog-hai Crusher
    Omen of the Forge
    Onakke Javelineer
    Onakke Ogre
    Oread of Mountain's Blaze
    Pack Attack
    Pack Mastiff
    Pack's Betrayal
    Patron of the Arts
    Peerless Samurai
    Pigment Storm
    Pillardrop Warden
    Pitchburn Devil
    Plasma Jockey
    Plundering Barbarian
    Portent of Betrayal
    Price of Loyalty
    Prickly Marmoset
    Pyre Spawn
    Pyretic Prankster
    Pyroclastic Hellion
    Quarrel's End
    Raging Redcap
    Raking Claws
    Ral's Reinformation
    Rally at the Hornburg
    Rapacious One
    Ratcatcher Trainee
    Raze the Effigy
    Ready to Rumble
    Reckless Air Strike
    Reckless Barbarian
    Reckless Impulse
    Redcap Heelslasher
    Redcap Raiders
    Redcap Thief
    Reduce to Ashes
    Relentless Rohirrim
    Renegade Tactics
    Rimrock Knight
    Ripscale Predator
    Riveteers Initiate
    Rohirrim Lancer
    Roil Eruption
    Rummaging Goblin
    Run Amok
    Rush the Room
    Satyr's Cunning
    Sawblade Scamp
    Scavenged Blade
    Scorch Rider
    Scrapyard Steelbreaker
    Searing Barb
    Searing Barrage
    Seize the Spoils
    Shatter the Source
    The Shattered States Era
    Shiny Impetus
    Shrapnel Slinger
    Shredded Sails
    Simian Sling
    Sizzling Barrage
    Skewer Slinger
    Skophos Reaver
    Skophos Warleader
    Skyraker Giant
    Smash to Dust
    Smite the Deathless
    Sneaking Guide
    Soul's Fire
    Sparktongue Dragon
    Spelleater Wolverine
    Spellgorger Weird
    Spikewheel Acrobat
    Spitfire Lagac
    Stampede Rider
    Sticky Fingers
    Stirring BardStolen Vitality
    Sudden Breakthrough
    Sure Strike
    Swarming Goblins
    Swarming of Moria
    Synchronized Spellcraft
    Tavern Brawler
    Tavern Ruffian
    Tavern Scoundrel
    Teeterpeak Ambusher
    Tentative Connection
    Thrashing Frontliner
    Thrill of Possibility
    Tiamat's Fanatics
    Tome Shredder
    Torch the Tower
    Tormenting Voice
    Trailblazing Historian
    Tuktuk Rubblefort
    Unexpected Windfall
    Underworld Rage-Hound
    Unruly Catapult
    Unstoppable Ogre
    Valor Singer
    Viashino Branchrider
    Voldaren Stinger
    Volt Charge
    Vaut Robber
    Viashino Lashclaw
    Volcanic Spite
    Voldaren Epicure
    Vulshok Splitter
    War-Trained Slasher
    Warbeast of Gorgoroth
    Warehouse Thief
    Weary Prisoner
    Weaselback Redcap
    Welding Sparks
    Whirling Strike
    Wild Celebrants
    Witch's Mark
    Witty Roastmaster
    Wojek Bodyguard
    Wrap in Flames'
    Wrecking Crew
    Wrenn's Resolve
    Yavimaya Steelcrusher
    You Come to the Gnoll Camp
    You've Been Caught Stealing
    Young Red Dragon