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Magic the Gathering White Cards Part 2

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  • MichelleAnn
    These cards are gone.

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  • MichelleAnn
    started a topic Magic the Gathering White Cards Part 2

    Magic the Gathering White Cards Part 2

    Please let me know if you are interested in anything. They are not foil cards. I am interested in Baseball and Football cards. Thanks

    Fairground Patrol
    Farsight Adept
    Fierce Retribution
    Flaming Fist
    Flaming Fist Officer
    Flare of Faith
    Flensing Raptor
    Fog on the Barrow-Downs
    Fortifying Provisions
    Frostbridge Guard
    Gale Swooper
    Garrison Cat
    Gathering Throng
    Gavony Silversmith
    Gavony Trapper
    Giant Ox
    Glory Bearers
    Gods Willing
    Golden-Scale Aeronaut
    Goldwarden's Helm
    Goliath Paladin
    Greatsword of Tyr
    Griffin Protector
    Griffin Sentinel
    Gryff Rider
    Guardian Kirin
    Guardian Naga
    Guiding Bolt
    Guiding Voice
    Half-Elf Monk
    Hedgewitch's Mask
    Helica Glider
    Heliod's Pilgrim
    Heroic Charge
    Heron of Hope
    Heron-Blessed Geist
    Hobbit's Sting
    Hold For Ransom
    Homestead Courage
    Hopeful Vigil
    Hyena Umbra
    Icewind Stalwart
    Imperial Subduer
    Imposing Vantasaur
    Incisor Glider
    Indoctrination Attendant
    Infected Defector
    Inspired Charge
    Inspiring Captain
    Inspiring Overseer
    Inspiring Roar
    Iona's Judgement
    Iron Verdict
    Juniper Order Rootweaver
    Kabira Outrider
    Karametra's Blessing
    Kellan's Lightblades
    Kill Shot
    Kindly Ancestor
    Kinsbaile Courier
    Kithkin Billyrider
    Kitsune Ace
    Kithkin Billyrider
    Kjeldoran Gargoyle
    Knight of the Keep
    Knight of the New Coalition
    Knighted Myr
    Kor Cartographer
    Kor Celebrant
    Kor Halberd
    Landscaper Colos
    Lens Flare
    Leonin Lightbringer
    Leonin of the Lost Pride
    Light of Hope
    Light the Way
    Lonesome Unicorn
    Loran's Escape
    Luminous Bonds
    Lunarch Veteran
    Makeshift Battalion
    Mandindi Ox
    Mandible Justiciar
    Marble Gargoyle
    Martial Impetus
    Martyr for the Cause
    Mesa Cavalier
    Mesa Lynx
    Military Discipline
    Militia Rallier
    Minimus Containment
    Mirran Bardiche
    Moment of Valor
    Nahiri's Binding
    Nebelgast Beguiler
    Nimble Hobbit
    Ninth Bridge Patrol
    Nomad Decoy
    Now for Wrath, Now for Ruin!
    Nurturing Presence
    Orthodoxy Enforcer
    Paladin's Shield
    Patagia Tiger
    Pegasus Guardian
    Piercing Light
    Piercing Rays
    Pious Wayfarer
    Planar Disruption
    Plunge into Winter
    Potion of Healing
    Practiced Tactics
    Pressure Point
    Priest of Ancient Lore
    Prized Griffin
    Protective Parents
    Protector of Gondor
    Prowling Felidar
    Radiant's Judgment
    Raffine's Guidance
    Raffine's Informant
    Raise the Alarm
    Rambunctious Mutt
    Realmbreaker's Grasp
    Recruitment Drive
    Regent's Authority
    Repel the Vile
    Resolute Strike
    Return Triumphant
    Revelation of Power
    Revoke Existence
    Rimefur Reindeer
    Ritual Guardian
    Roving Harper
    Rumbling Sentry
    Samite Herbalist
    Sanctum Spirit
    Savai Sabertooth
    Savannah Lions
    Savior of the Sleeping
    Scouting Hawk
    Sea Gate Banneret
    Search Party Captain
    Second Breakfast
    Secure the Scene
    Sensor Splicer
    Seraph of Dawn
    Seven-Tail Mentor
    Shepherd of Heroes
    Shining Armor
    Silverflame Ritual
    Sinew Dancer
    Sky Crier
    Skywhaler's Shot
    Slip on the Ring
    Slith Ascendant
    Slumbering Keepguard
    Smite the Monstrous
    Snare Tactician
    Soldier of the Grey Host
    Solid Footing
    Speakeasy Server
    Spectral Grasp
    Spirited Companion
    Squad Captain
    Stall for Time
    Stalwart Valkyrie
    Stalwarts of Osgiliath
    Star Pupil
    Steadfast Paladin
    Steadfast Unicorn
    Stockpiling Celebrant
    Stonerise Spirit
    Study Break
    Sunder the Gateway
    Sungold Barrage
    Supernatural Rescue
    Swordsworn Cavalier
    Tabaxi Toucaneers
    Take Up The Shield
    Tarkir Duneshaper
    Tazeem Raptor
    Thraben Exorcism
    Took Reaper
    Transcendent Envoy
    Traveling Minister
    True Love's Kiss
    Trusty Packbeast
    Tuinvale Guide
    Unassuming Sage
    Unbounded Potential
    Unholy Officiant
    Unruly Mob
    Vampire Slayer
    Vanish into Eternity
    Vigilant Sentry
    Westfold Rider
    Whitemane Lion
    Wyrm's Crossing Patrol
    You Hear Something on Watch
    You're Ambushed on the Road
    You're Confronted by Robbers
    Your Temple is Under Attack
    Zealot's Conviction