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YuGiOh Cards for sale: 1st Edition & Unlimited

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  • YuGiOh Cards for sale: 1st Edition & Unlimited

    Unlimited Edition Holos $2.00 each:
    -Messenger of Peace (MRL-102) (magic)
    -Black Pendant (MRL-003) (magic)
    -Black Illusion Ritual (MRL-051) (magic)
    -Fairy Meteor Crash (PSV-063) (magic)
    -Jar of Greed (LON-047) (trap)
    -Dust Tornado (PSV-011) (trap)

    1st Edition Holos $5.00 each:
    -Confiscation (MRL-038) (magic)
    -Nobleman of Crossout (PSV-034) (magic)
    -De-Fusion (LON-097) (magic)
    -Mask of the Accursed (LON-019) (magic)
    -Mask of Dispel (LON-017) (magic)
    -Reinforcement of the Army (LOD-028) (magic)
    -Dark Room of Nightmare (PGD-082) (magic)
    -Book of Life (PGD-033) (magic)
    -Barrel Behind the Door (PGD-095) (trap)
    -Riryoku Field (LON-006) (trap)
    -Cyberdark Edge (CDIP-EN002) (effect)
    -Revival Jam (LON-006) (effect)
    -Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (LON-062) (effect)
    -Gearfried the Iron Knight (PSV-101) (effect)
    -Toon World (MRL-076) (magic)

    Unlimited Edition Set of 2 Rares ($1.00 per set of 2):
    -Mad Sword Beast (PSV-091)(effect) & Rush Recklessly (MRL-043)(magic)
    -Nimble Momonga (MRL-086)(effect) & Shift (PSV-067)(trap)
    -Mother Grizzly (MRL-090)(effect) & Gravity Bind (PSV-073)(trap)
    -Hayabusa Knight (PSV-086)(effect) & Appropriate (PSV-024)(trap)
    -Magic Drain (PSV-071)(trap) & Nobleman of Extermination (PSV-035)(magic)
    -Prohibition (PSV-039)(magic) & Flying Kamakiri #1 (MRL-091)(effect)
    -Mystic Tomato (MRL-094)(effect) & The Shallow Grave (PSV-036)(magic)

    Mixed Set of 2 Rares ($2.00):
    -Bottomless Trap Hole (LOD-092)(trap)(1st edition) & Giant Germ (MRL-085) (effect) (unlimited ed.)

    1st Edition Set of 2 Rares ($2.00 per set of 2):
    -Moisture Creature (PGD-013)(effect) & Infinite Cards (LON-027)(magic)
    -Lightning Punisher (CDIP-EN026)(effect) & Fusion Sword Murasame Blade (LOD-079)(magic)
    -Lesser Fiend (LOD-003)(effect) & Skull Invitation (PSV-056)(trap)
    -Susa Soldier (LOD-066)(effect) & The A. Forces (LOD-027)(magic)
    -Nuvia The Wicked (LON-013(effect)) & Royal Oppression (LOD-091)(trap)
    -Winged Sage Falcos (PGD-072)(effect) & The Warrior Returning Alive (LOD-030)(magic)
    -Wandering Mummy (PGD-019)(effect) & Destruction Punch (LON-085)(trap)
    -Senju of the Thousand Hands (MRL-080)(effect) & Monster Recovery (PSV-066)(magic)
    -Shining Angel (MRL-088)(effect)& After Genocide (LOD-086)(magic)
    -Gilasaurus (LON-071)(effect) & Fatal Abacus (LOD-011)(trap)
    -Dark Jeroid (PGD-056)(effect) & Dimensionhole (PSV-069)(magic)
    -Nwedoria (PGD-057)(effect) & Second Coin Toss (LOD-083)(magic)
    -Tornado Bird (LON-072)(effect) & Array of Revealing Light (LOD-029)(magic)
    -Gravekeeper’s Watcher (PGD-064)(effect) & Pharaoh’s Treasure (PGD-052)(magic)
    -Ameba (MRL-010)(effect) & Magic Reflector (LOD-087)(magic)
    --Spirit Reaper (PGD-076)(effect) & Forced Requisition (PSV-025)(trap)
    Jowgen the Spiritualist (LON-061)(effect) & Horn of the Unicorn (MRL-054)(magic)
    -Mask of Brutality (LON-020)(magic) & Jowls of Dark Demise (PGD-009)(effect)
    -Return of the Doomed (LON-021)(magic) & Opticlops (LOD-009)(effect)
    -Blast with Chain (LOD-088)(trap) & Jam Breeding Machine (LON-026)(magic)

    --I accept PayPal ONLY
    --I live in the US & will ship worldwide
    --Prices DO NOT include additional shipping & handling fee
    --All cards are in mint-near mint condition
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