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    Can anyone PLEASE show me a program anywhere close to what the Card Collector did I would be willing to accept on old version. I had to redo my laptop and the progrm disappeared and along with my entire inventory. The old program didnt have any listings past 2011 or something like but it sure did work. I could at least see what I had and needed. I have about 75000 accounted for but need to add more. I need something with all the cards in it where I can add or subtract at any time..print out what have/need with prices..Thanks for letting me

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    Well I found on my external hard drive..It took me almost three months but all 75000 plus cards are in and backed up again..found some valuable cards I didnt know I had..nothing exciting except maybe a Topps gold jeter have complete sets from 1973-2016,,sure my wife will have fun dumping them when I