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Card store and Target pickups.......

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  • Card store and Target pickups.......

    The local card store just opened up again. My intention was to get sleeves, team bags, and top loaders. They didn't have any team bags (big bummer). I decided to get another pack of 2020 Elite. Last time I went there, prior to their temporary closure, a pack cost me $13. Now its $18 a pack. Unreal.

    I went by Fred Meyers and they were completely out of cards. Lastly, I stopped at Target and they only had a couple items left. They updated their sign where it used to say there is a maximum of 4 items per purchase and now it says 3. There were packs of 2021 Topps BB and a box of 2020 Sportkings in the far back corner of the bottom shelf.
    Adding them all to the pile of CCW Youtube video breaks for future contests and freebies!
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