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  • Brads55 PC - Non Sport Relics and Autographs

    Aloha Everybody,

    Here is my Personal Collection of Non-Sport Relics and Autographs. At this time nothing is for trade.

    Mahalo and Aloha,


    2005 Inkworks Sopranos Dominic Chianese Autograph (Junior Soprano - Uncle Junior)

    2001 Topps American Pie A Piece of American Pie John F. Kennedy / Berlin Wall Relic

    2005 Artbox Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Golden Ticket Wonka Bar Wrapper Complete Set with Variations

    2005 Artbox Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Costume and Prop Collection (I love the Wonka Bar )

    Burt Ward Shirt (Actor - Robin of Batman and Robin) 17/100
    George Bush Tie (President) 199/500
    Giovanni Ribisi Shirt (Actor - The Wonder Years and Boiler Room) 187/250
    Susie Feldman Dress (Reality Show The Two Coreys) 14/125
    Corey Feldman Shirt (Actor - The Lost Boys 1 & 2 and Goonies) 348/500
    Tom Green Jeans (Comedian - Tom Green Show and Freddy Got Fingered) 109/250
    Bruce Jenner Shirt (Olympic Gold Medalist) Gold Proof 20/25
    Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Trunks (WWF Wrestler) 6/95
    Brutus The Barber Beefcake Wrestling Trunks (WWF Wrestler) 294/375

    Rob Schneider Tie (Actor - SNL and Deuce Bigalow)
    Bob Denver Jeans (Actor - Gilligan and Dobie Gillis)
    Tom Savini Autograph (Actor and Special F/X Make-Up Artist)

    2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History A Piece of Hollywood Collection
    Christopher Reeve - Superman 3 Cape (Short Print)
    Jim Carrey - Bruce Almighty Shirt
    Jack Nicholson - A Few Good Men Jacket
    George Clooney - Three Kings Camoflauge Pants

    Dana Carvey as Garth on the movie Wayne's World. Show's it as a piece of his Blackhawks jersey from the "CAR.....GAME ON" scene, lol

    Robin Williams Shirt from 'The Birdcage'

    Denzel Washington Camouflage Pants from 'Courage Under Fire'

    Ed O' Neill 2008 Upper Deck Icons Movie Icons Lettermen 'L' (Al Bundy - Married with Children) 28/63
    Tony Curtis Shirt 2008 Donruss Baseball Americana (Actor) 163/500
    Matt Parkman Police Uniform 2008 Topps Heroes Relics (Actor)
    Scott Baio Jacket 2008 Donruss Threads Celebrity Cuts (Actor - Charles in Charge) 59/100

    Lucille Ball - I Love Lucy

    Redd Foxx - Sanford and Son

    Judy Garland - Wizard of Oz

    Pippin's Travel Cloak 2006 Topps Lord of the Rings Evolution Movie Memorabilia (Actor)
    Tommy Lee Jones Postal Uniform 2002 Inkworks Men In Black 2 Pieceworks (Actor)
    Ozzy Osbourne Shirt 2002 Inkworks The Osbournes Pieceworks (Musician)
    Ardeth Warriors Cloak 2001 Inkworks The Mummy Returns Pieceworks (Actor)
    Hurley Shirt 2006 Inkworks LOST Season 2 Pieceworks (Actor)
    Hurley Shirt 2006 Inkworks LOST Season 2 Revelations Pieceworks (Actor)

    This is my favorite Horror Movie Writer/Director ever - George A. Romero Relic

    To Be Continued....

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    Married with Children cast - Al & Peggy Bundy...

    Jerry Lewis & Stella Stevens are dual relics from the original Nutty Professor movie.
    Telly Savalas & Burt Lancaster are dual relics from the movie Scalphunters.

    This is a piece of Buckwheat's ties from the Little Rascal's movie Tire Trouble.

    Married with Children : Marcie Darcie/Marcie Rhodes

    Charles in Charge's auto/relic. (Scott Baio)

    Lisa Turtle's auto. (Lark Voorhies)

    Lora Lyn Peterson Auto

    Santa Clause 2007 Topps Santafied Autograph

    Marissa 1993 Hustler Autographs

    Well thats all she wrote... for now. LOL