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America at War Band of Brothers Series 1 WWII * Series 1 * D-Day 2009

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  • America at War Band of Brothers Series 1 WWII * Series 1 * D-Day 2009

    Box: 24 packs of 8 cards.

    Common sets: 1 per box if collation were perfect.

    America at War

    DD-001 The Normandy Invasion
    DD-002 Germany Invades Poland
    DD-003 Adolf Hitler
    DD-004 The Fall of France
    DD-005 Escape From Dunkirk
    DD-006 Britain Stands Alone
    DD-007 Battle Of Britain
    DD-008 Germany Betrays Russia
    DD-009 Joseph Stalin
    DD-010 Operation Barbarosa
    DD-011 A Second Front
    DD-012 Winter!
    DD-013 Pearl Harbor
    DD-014 The Dieppe Raid
    DD-015 Operation Torch
    DD-016 Sicily
    DD-017 Anzio
    DD-018 The Tehran Conference DD-019 Hitler's Empire - 1944
    DD-020 SHAEF
    DD-021 Preparing to Command
    DD-022 Bernard L. "Monty" Montgomery
    DD-023 Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley
    DD-024 The Buildup
    DD-025 Americans In England
    DD-026 Operation Fortitude
    DD-027 Lieut. General George S. Patton Jr.
    DD-028 Bletchley Park
    DD-029 Enigma Machine
    DD-030 Juan Pujol Garcia - "Garbo"
    DD-031 Monty's Double
    DD-032 Dress Rehearsals
    DD-033 Slapton Sands Debacle
    DD-034 Search for Secrets
    DD-035 Loose Talk Not Tolerated
    DD-036 Mulberry Harbor
    DD-037 Gooseberries
    DD-038 Operation Neptune
    DD-039 Hobarts Funnies
    DD-040 Aerial Reconnaissance
    DD-041 Special Operations Executive
    DD-042 Puzzling Coincidence
    DD-043 Gerd von Rundstedt
    DD-044 Atlantic Wall
    DD-045 Erwin Rommel
    DD-046 Fortifications
    DD-047 Rommel's Asparagus
    DD-048 The War in the Air
    DD-049 Douglas C-47 Dakota
    DD-050 P-51 Mustang
    DD-051 B-17 Flying Fortress
    DD-052 B-26 Marauder
    DD-053 Piper J-3 Cub
    DD-054 Weather Delay
    DD-055 Minesweepers
    DD-056 The Pathfinders
    DD-057 The Gliders
    DD-058 Waco Glider
    DD-059 Paratroops
    DD-060 A Heavy Weight
    DD-061 Landing Under Fire
    DD-062 John Steele
    DD-063 Hour of Liberation - by Larry Selman
    DD-064 Liberating Sainte-Mère-Église
    DD-065 Codename Titanic
    DD-066 "Cricket" Clicker
    DD-067 British Paratroops
    DD-068 Merville Gun Battery
    DD-069 French Resistance
    DD-070 The Allied Armada
    DD-071 The Wait
    DD-072 Invasion Landing Plan
    DD-073 Naval Bombardment
    DD-074 The 'Higgins' Boats
    DD-075 Danger of Debarkation
    DD-076 The Problems at Omaha Begin
    DD-077 DUKW
    DD-078 Omaha Beach Defenses
    DD-079 Omaha Beach
    DD-080 Amphibious Tanks - Donald Ducks
    DD-081 Bombing Omaha
    DD-082 Congestion on Omaha
    DD-083 Colonel George Taylor
    DD-084 USS McCook
    DD-085 Norman Cota
    DD-086 James Walters Monteith Jr.
    DD-087 1st Infantry Regiment
    DD-088 USS Augusta
    DD-089 USS Corry
    DD-090 USS Texas
    DD-091 Moving Forward From Omaha
    DD-092 Combat Engineers
    DD-093 Point du Hoc
    DD-094 James Earl Rudder
    DD-095 The Point - by Larry Selman
    DD-096 Utah Beach
    DD-097 Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
    DD-098 Success on Utah
    DD-099 Goliath Tracked Mine
    DD-100 M1919 Browning Machine Gun
    DD-101 Thompson Submachine Gun
    DD-102 M1 Garand Rifle
    DD-103 M7 Rifle Grenade Launcher
    DD-104 Frag Grenade
    DD-105 M1 Bazooka
    DD-106 Sword Beach
    DD-107 Gold Beach
    DD-108 Pushing Inland from Gold
    DD-109 Juno Beach
    DD-110 Tide Turns on Juno
    DD-111 Luftwaffe Response
    DD-112 German Response Is Slow
    DD-113 Hitler's Mistake
    DD-114 Medics
    DD-115 Medical Support
    DD-116 Quartermasters
    DD-117 Segregation
    DD-118 The Situation
    DD-119 Reaction At Home
    DD-120 Closing the Gaps - D-Day Plus One
    DD-121 Germans Dig In
    DD-122 D-Day Plus Two
    DD-123 Hitler's Orders
    DD-124 Bocage
    DD-125 Ingenuity At Work
    DD-126 The Niland Brothers
    DD-127 Hitler's Miscalculation
    DD-128 Storm
    DD-129 Cherbourg
    DD-130 Caen
    DD-131 Operation Epsom
    DD-132 Operation Charnwood
    DD-133 The Major of St. Lô
    DD-134 Operation Goodwood
    DD-135 Operation Cobra
    DD-136 The Falaise Pocket
    DD-137 Army Nurse Corps
    DD-138 American Cemetery and Memorial
    DD-139 Medal Of Honor
    DD-140 Silver Star
    DD-141 Purple Heart
    DD-142 Checklist One
    DD-143 Checklist Two

    Band of Brothers

    BB-01 Band Of Brothers
    BB-02 Camp Toccoa
    BB-03 Colonel Robert Sink
    BB-04 Currahee Mountain
    BB-05 Herbert Sobel
    BB-06 Training
    BB-07 "3 Miles Up"
    BB-08 Establishing a Record
    BB-09 World Record
    BB-10 Fort Benning
    BB-11 Earning Wings
    BB-12 Drumming Out
    BB-13 506th 'Easy Company'
    BB-14 Bound for England
    BB-15 506th in the U.K.
    BB-16 Sobel's Leadership
    BB-17 Discontent in the Ranks
    BB-18 Mutiny in the 506th
    BB-19 Thomas Meehan III
    BB-20 Reinforcements
    BB-21 General William C. Lee
    BB-22 Brigadier General Maxwell D. Taylor
    BB-23 Upottery
    BB-24 The Objectives
    BB-25 D-Day Underway
    BB-26 Night of Nights - by Gil Cohen
    BB-27 Flying Under Fire
    BB-28 Down To Earth - by Larry Selman
    BB-29 Brécourt Manor Assault
    BB-30 Overpowering Howitzers at
    BB-31 Reinforcements at Brécourt
    BB-32 Withdrawal
    BB-33 Michel de Vallavieille
    BB-34 Distinguished Service Cross
    BB-35 The Capture Of Carentan
    BB-36 Easy Company After D-Day
    BB-37 Lynn "Buck" Compton
    BB-38 William Guarnere
    BB-39 Forrest "Goodie" Guth
    BB-40 Edward Heffron
    BB-41 Clancy Lyall
    BB-42 Donald Malarkey
    BB-43 Earl McClung
    BB-44 Lewis Nixon
    BB-45 Darrell "Shifty" Powers
    BB-46 Amos "Buck" Taylor
    BB-47 Ed Tipper
    BB-48 Richard "Dick" Winters
    BB-49 Band Of Brothers Checklist


    Advertising Cards (1:6 packs)
    AD-01 The Pacific
    AD-02 To Our Troops
    AD-03 Collectors Binders & Educational Resource Kit
    AD-04 Valor Studios

    You May Be A Winner (1:12 packs)
    A pin# on the back of the card may be entered at for a chance to win a real American Second World War collectible.

    Autographs (see *)
    SP1 Lynn "Buck" Compton
    SP2 William Guarnere
    SP4 Edward "Babe" Heffron
    SP5 Clancy Lyall
    SP6 Donald Malarkey
    SP7 Earl McClung
    SP8 Amos "Buck" Taylor

    The following two cards were neither signed nor released with this product:
    SP3 Forrest Guth
    SP9 Ed Tipper

    Sketches (see *)
    1 of 1 sketches by Ingrid Hardy
    100 sketches each honoring a brave member of the "Band of Brothers".

    unnumbered - D-Day 1944/Normandy
    unnumbered - Veterans Tribute Autograph Cards
    CH1 - Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo 2009
    PH1 - Philly Non-Sports Card Show 2009
    PR1 - Non-Sport Update Magazine Vol. 20, #4

    Brochure - Philly Non-Sports Card Show 2010
    "It took 73,000 Americans to bring you this story"
    contains one random card from the basic America at War or Band of Brothers set, and a large promo for The Pacific

    * On release in September 2009, iCardz had a promotion in which one free autograph was given with every box purchased. Since boxes contained "at least 1 authentic Band of Brothers Veteran Autograph card," as stated on a red sticker on the top of each box, each customer received two autographs inside every box.
    In early 2010 the language on the sticker changed to indicate one autograph or sketch being guaranteed in each box.
    In August of 2010 boxes began to be sold without red stickers and iCardz posted text in the product information, as well as the checkout window stating that odds for autographs and sketches were now 1 in approx. 6 boxes.
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