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America at War: D-Day/Band of Brothers Ultimate Edition - iCardz

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  • America at War: D-Day/Band of Brothers Ultimate Edition - iCardz

    • Complete set of America at War: D-Day (143 cards).
    • Complete set of Band of Brothers (49 cards).
    • Deluxe metal binder.
    • Two instant win cards (chance to win authentic medals and shoulder flashes from the Second World War)
    • All 7 authentic Band of Brothers autographs
    • An original sketch by Ingrid Hardy
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Numbered /100

    At what breaks down to $50 a piece for the autographs and sketch, this is a steal.

    The sketches are seldom seen on the secondary market and sell for $80+ each. Some of the autographs are very hard to find and I can not set a price on the Amos "Buck" Taylor since it has never shown up on the market (In fact, I know of only two people who own one of these cards).

    iCardz has done something really special with this series that honors the Greatest Generation, and specifically, the Band of Brothers. Now, they have created this edition so that collectors can enjoy the complete set for a great price.

    This set will be released mid May from

    This is a fantastic opportunity to own the complete set and I am of the mind that the more we support iCardz with this series, the more likely they will release The Pacific, and more.

    Disclaimer: I do not work for iCardz although my enthusiasm for this series may make it sound like I do.
    Regarding this series, please ask questions and I will try my best to answer.
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    iCardz is in the process of updating the website.

    You should be able to complete checkout now:

    You will not be charged until the sets are ready to ship sometime in May
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      thanks for the update. I am waiting for iCardz to contact me about their next release other than this issue.
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        Don't quote me on this but I think that all depends on how well they can move Series 1. This is part of the reason why they are being so aggressive with this offering. Honestly, if baffles me that this set isn't flying off the shelves and I'm hoping this new edition will finally get some wider attention and much needed sales...
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          A couple of thumbnails of 2 sketches in this set. Nice to see there will be major characters from the Band of Brothers such as Carwood Lipton. I believe there is a Shifty Powers sketch in there as well.

          Once again, gorgeous art by Ingrid Hardy.
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            iCardz has informed me this set will start shipping this week.

            I can't wait to see what sketch I receive
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              iCardz has just posted a promo/preview video of this set here.

              They have also listed these on ebay if you have bucks, want bucks, have a coupon, or rebate dealie...
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                A collector in Canada received his set two days ago (lucky dog being close to where iCardz is based!) and got this sketch:

                Private Paul E. Lamoureux (19 May 1925 – 15 January 2005)

                This is the photo the sketch is based on

                These are his Military Awards

                This was him in 2001
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