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I love the 80's #9: 1981 Topps Movie Posters

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  • I love the 80's #9: 1981 Topps Movie Posters

    In 1981, Topps released a movie mini poster set, which contained 12 different movie posters that were distributed in packs. There were 36 packs in a box and each pack contained one 12"x20" poster.

    Here's the checklist:

    1 Jaws
    2 Superman
    3 Grease
    4 Airplane!
    5 Star Wars
    6 Rocky
    7 Animal House
    8 The Empire Strikes Back
    9 Young Frankenstein
    10 The Blue Lagoon
    11 Revenge of the Pink Panther
    12 Smokey and the Bandit

    As soon as I saw that Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back were part of this set, I knew I wanted them. So a few months ago, I found a guy who was selling Star Wars posters for $4/each, so I purchased two. After shipping & handling, I ended up paying $10 for the pair. At the time... I couldn't find any ESB posters at a reasonable price, so I decided to be patient.

    Then earlier this month, I found a guy selling a complete box with 36 unopened packs on eBay. After a small bidding war, I ended up winning with a final bid of $20.50 (+ $23.50 shipping). Nope that's not a typo... the seller is in Canada.

    In addition to the box, he threw in eleven of the twelve posters in the set. Can you guess what the missing poster was? Yep... Star Wars. He mentioned that he was missing Smokey & the Bandit, but that wasn't the case. Plus... as luck would have it... he threw in an extra ESB poster.

    The posters are 30 years old, so the quality isn't the greatest. In fact, the paper is pretty thin and the folds you see are a result of the way they were inserted into packs. But for $53.50... I ended up getting the following:

    - A Box w/36 Unopened Packs
    - A Complete Set of 12 Posters
    - An Extra Star Wars Poster & An Extra The Empire Strikes Back Poster

    Not exactly sure what I'll do with the box. For now... it's sitting in a box in my garage. The set is a keeper... just trying to figure out how I want to store them. And the two extra posters will either be hung up in my classroom or be given to my nephew who's a huge Star Wars fan.

    Okay... your turn:

    Out of the 12 movies on this checklist, which is your favorite and which is your least favorite?

    The Empire Strikes Back is easily my favorite... and out of all of the movies on the checklist that I've seen... I'd say The Blue Lagoon is the only one I'd never watch again. I've never watched Young Frankenstein or Revenge of the Pink Panther, but I'd give them a shot before watching some guy with a blonde afro hitting on Brooke Shields again.

    Enjoy the rest of your week... and sayonara!

    Extra Edition
    If you're interested in learning more about this product... I found a post over at A Pack A Day from three years ago. Pretty cool read.

    Hiflew took the time to leave his top 5 movies in the comments section... so I figured I'd leave mine too:

    #1 The Empire Strikes Back
    #2 Star Wars
    #3 Airplane!
    #4 Smokey and the Bandit
    #5 Rocky

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