Rittenhouse Archives has released the third series ofLegends of Marvel and as with the other Series before it, these cards lookgreat. With 9 double-sidedcards for Hulk, Moon Night and Storm, there are plenty of interpretations ofeach character by the different artists with 18 different looks.

Legends of Marvel Series 3 is classified in our tradingcards category. Series 3 comes ina celo pack and contains 9 cards for each of the 3 characters for a total of 27cards. Card number 9 in eachcharacter’s individual set is numbered. Only 1939 limited edition sets were made for Series 3. All sets are identical except for thesequential numbering. In addition,you can match the serial numbers of previous sets you have purchased forcontinuity. Even if this is yourfirst purchase, there are limited quantities of matching sets of Series 1 (CaptainAmerica, Iron Man and Black Widow) and Series 2 (Wolverine, Elektra and Thor)still available.

Here are all the cards from Series 3, front and back.


Jim Cheung, Jim Cheung, Gabriele Dell’Otto

Gabriele Dell’Otto, Ed McGuinness, Ed McGuinness

Greg Horn, Carlo Pagulayan, John Barber

Mario Gully, Mike Deodato Jr., Mike Deodato Jr.

David Finch, Greg Land, Ed McGuinness

Marko Djurdjevic, Shane Davis, Carlo Pagulayan

Moon Knight

Dave Wilkins, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Frank G. D’Armata & David Finch

Mark Texeira, Frank G. D’Armata & David Finch, Mico Suayan

Arthur Suydam, Arthur Suydam, Leinil Francis Yu

Mico Suayan, Leinil Francis Yu, Gabriele Dell’Otto

David Finch, Bong Dazo, Joshua Medors

Bong Dazo, Francesco Mattina, Gabriele Dell’Otto


Mike Deodato Jr., Diogenes Neves, Tom Grummett

Tom Grummett, Diogenes Neves, Stephane Peru

Greg Land, Marcus To, Salvador Larroca

Alan Davis, Salvador Larroca, Simone Bianchi

Michael Turner, Mike Mayhew, Simone Bianchi

Phil Jimenez, David Yardin, Greg Land

Overall Look
The multiple takes on the characters make for smart lookingcards without feeling repetitive.

Quality and Variety of the checklist
This set works on two levels. There is a nice trio of characters featured and the same canbe said of the lineup of artists.

Do the hits hold up?
No hits here and none needed.

Will you want to collect them all?
Certainly if you purchased Series 1 and/or Series 2, youwill want to add Series 3 to your collection. While some may want just this set because it contains theirfavorite character, most likely if this is your first purchase, you’ll want totake advantage of being able to purchase the matching numbered sets for Series1 and Series 2.


4 1/2 out of 5

Rittenhouse Archives Legends Of Marvel Series 3 is anothergreat release in the continuing Legends Series.