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PC Addition: 1911 T51 Murad Stanford

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  • PC Addition: 1911 T51 Murad Stanford

    I've been looking to add another tobacco card to my collection... and this past week I added not ONE, but TWO1911 T51 Murad Stanford cards. It was one of those situations where I put two bids into my "sniper" program assuming at least one of them would come up short... and neither did. Oh well... at least it was the same seller, so I saved on shipping.

    One of these beautiful cards will go into my Stanford PC. The other... well... I'm not sure what I'll exactly do with it.

    Maybe I'll give it away in my contest this summer. Maybe I'll sell it at the flea market. Maybe I'll use it as trade bait. Right now, there are bigger issues to deal with. I'm asking for your help.

    Which one should I keep?

    Card #1

    The front of this card has a lot more glossiness and less stains compared to Card #2. In fact, the white borders still look white. There's a small stain on the back of the card, but the second one has an even bigger stain. The major flaw on this card is the "155" stamp on the card, which stands out like a sore thumb.

    Card #2

    This card is not as attractive as Card #1. The back has a larger, darker stain on the back... but it doesn't have any ink stamps on it.

    So which card should I keep? Card #1 or card #2?

    Any input would be much appreciated. I'm personally leaning toward #1... but I just can't help staring at the stamp every time I flip the card over.

    Thanks in advance. I hope all of you had a great weekend. Happy Monday & sayonara!

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