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  • Just a bit of fun today

    So I was out adventuring, or probably more accurately pack searching the regular hot spots Toys R Us, Target, K-mart etc. (the latter of which did provide a discounted 11.99 Americana II blaster which I got 15% extra off for damaged packaging, score) but wasn't having the best of luck...when I decided to hit up the big Dollar Tree by the Florida Mall. They have an assortment of older cards for 1$ a pack but it's usually a mess and you have to search for anything good. Well they had a bunch of packs from the 2008 animated film Igor and I added a couple to our basket of dollar goods. However on the way out the door I was perplexed that out grand total for 12 items *everything's a dollar* was only 10 and change. So I looked it over and the Igor packs rang up $.01, or you know a penny. PENNY PACKS. Immediately went back and bought every last one (40) and paid with pocket change. And got change back.
    The cashier admitted it was probably and error, but happily rang up each one and took our quarters.

    The only chase in the set are autos and we did not find one in these loose retail packs. However it's a nice base set with one die cut per pack and puzzle cards and character cards in the mix. I won't bore anyone with the cards just wanted to share my .43 cents of fun today. I will probably use the cards to get some voice actors autos TTM.

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    hey cool deal i would buy that for a PENNY
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      That's a very cool find even if it was by the dollar store error.
      my bucket (always being updated):

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      so I'm always on the lookout if you want to work out a trade.


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        No matter what, you cant go wrong with any pack of cards that are only a penny each. Thanks for sharing your story. If you get any returns with your TTM requests, please share your successes.


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          Thanks, I will


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            Awesome find!
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