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Cryptozoic Vs Rittenhouse

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  • Cryptozoic Vs Rittenhouse

    Just opened a Rittenhouse Warehouse 13 S3 box,15pkts with 6 cards in a pack it has and 1 autograph to make a set of 13 with 2 doubles,instead i've got the whole set plus 3 doubles, i was missing extremely rare Kate Mulgrew aka Capt Janeway (selling on ebay £60/$90).
    With 200 boxes and a guarentee of 15 autographs and 30 wardrobe ones, it does feel they're not really worth any value and im not talking money. Base set 26 cards!

    I do prefer the Cryptozoic cards (Fringe and The Walking Dead 1+2 +comic set) which felt like you had to work to find, opening packets and discovering nothing but base cards and doubles then finally you get that card you've been hunting for.
    id much rather have a base set of 70-90 rather than 26.

    Being i've just started out i wouldnt know whats best, Any thoughts?