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Early ‘90s Collectible Gaming Card Sells For $27K

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  • Early ‘90s Collectible Gaming Card Sells For $27K


    We all know baseball cards can be worth insane amounts of money, but geekier trading-card fare is moving up in value too.

    Pictured above is the ‘Alpha’ Black Lotus from the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. Dubbed ‘Alpha’ because it was published in the game’s first edition back in 1993, the Black Lotus was printed in a run of only 1100, and is now on the game’s ‘Reserved List’ of cards that will never be reissued. It’s typically considered the most valuable Magic card ever printed -- but a recent eBay auction, which concluded on November 17, sets a new standard at $27,302.
    The unusually high asking price may be a result of the card’s fine condition – a 9.5 on the 1-10 scale of professional sports card authentication. This qualifies the card as ‘Gem Mint’ – or practically perfect in every way, as Mary Poppins might put it.

    Back in 1993, an 8-card 'booster pack' -- which might have contained a Black Lotus if you were lucky -- cost $2.45.

    In gameplay, the Black Lotus is considered quite powerful, because it allows players to acquire large amounts of the essential ‘mana’ resource very rapidly. In fact, it’s made lists of the most overpowered Magic cards. Still, it’s unlikely this card’s proud new owner is planning to shuffle it into a deck and dull those beautiful Gem Mint edges.

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    my brother was a magic freak he spent 4 years buying the first magic cards and buying as many of these as he could get at one point he had 38 of these once they hit 500$ in the late 90's he sold some however he still has 12 to this day 8 of them are gradded 8-9.5 the other 4 he still uses to this day and he will never get rid of one again he said maybe i will show him this and see if he changes his mind ill see if i can get some pics from him to show the lot all together