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    It with great joy that I announce that Card Collectors World has won the grand prize for the Panini Player of Day contest. This is a huge honor for us at CCW and a heartfelt thank you must go out to Panini for the oppurtunity to compete in this contest and represent Panini well. I dont need to tell any of our members that Panini is a great company that really reaches out to collectors like no others. We competed against many other forums and blogs for this honor. I wish I could take the credit for this victory, but really, the moderators here have busted their butts to make a great showing. In particulair, Key2win really led the way. Also, a big thanks goes out to the members. Without a devoted membership, we would not exist. I want everyone from the newest member to the most senior moderator to all the sponsors of the site to know that I appreciate everything they have done to make this site a sucess.
    Lastly, please make sure to support the sponsors that support CCW. Panini is extremely gracious to us and deserves our loyalty as consumers of their products.

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    Well done to everyone who worked to make this happen, and HUGE thanks to Panini for choosing us, and for continuing to sponsor our site!


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      Great news, Frank. Thanks very much to Kerwin (our leader on this project), and the other staffers who helped make this happen. We are a rapidly growing site, and are now proud to say we can compete with some of the big boys out there on many levels. It won't be long before we will be right up there in size, and respect. With the great leadership of our boss Frank, and our never ending efforts by Kerwin, and the rest of the staff here on CCW, this will be a fun, and successful place to trade, and have fun. Good work everyone, and thanks again to Panini for all the support they give us.


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        Just a brief "Way to go CCW!".

        A salute to Frank and Kerwin for leading the pack on this!

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          Thank you Panini for giving us the opportunity and choosing us as the winner of the NFL Player of the Day Contest. Thank you for acknowledging Card Collectors World and continuing to support us. We are extremely grateful to Panini for all their contributions to our site.

          Thank you to all the staffers and members of Card Collectors World for helping us get acknowledged by Panini with this great honor.


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            Way to go!
            Emmitt Smith and Cowboys collector!


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              Good job to all involved!!

              Nice feather in the cap for the site!!
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                Let me just chime in and say I'm proud to be a member here and congrats to the staff on the great achievement.
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                  BIG THANKS to PANINI,Frank,Kerwin (and everyone involved) and last but certainly not least a shout out to all the GREAT MEMBERS here at CCW!!!

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                    Gosh! This is huge for us at CCW!!

                    I think that the members deserve a big pat on the back along with a hearty "THANK YOU!"

                    If it weren't for them all of the banners and contests would have been for... no-one.

                    The staff did a super job getting it out there, too! But the members made it work out for us all.

                    Thanks to key2win & FrankMcdee for making it possible for us to click, comment and win.

                    And especially, thank you to Panini for giving our community a chance to take part in this challenge!
                    - Dave

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                    Updated 3/25/2016


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                      Thank you to Panini and all the members and mods who made this possible!


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                        wow, I'm really glad to be on a site that is so great. I want to thank Key2win for steering me towards it and getting me to join. Great Honor!!!


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                          Congrats CCW! To the entire staff for keeping this site going
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                            A huge thanks to Panini for this honor. Its amazing to say the least! Big shout out to Frank and Kerwin for all the hard work on this project! And thanks to all the mods and members for all you do!
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                              Great Job Everyone! Thanks to Panini! Also, not to burst the humility winning and being grateful, but do we get anything for winning?
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