CCW Trade Manager Installed

To all of our CCW members who have asked about this, CCW now has a trade manager.

A big thanks to ac-n-mike/Adam for working numerous hours working on the coding for the trade manager. Also thanks to the several staffers who helped donate money towards the trade manager.

The Trade Manager link is located on the top of page right under the CCW banner. It is easy to use and navigate, but if anyone needs help with it, feel free to post a comment on this thread or post in the Questions For CCW Staff forum.

What we need every member to do is to double check their address in their user profile.

Please take a moment and edit your name/address in your user profile, even if you think you already have. Please check as a few of the user fields have been edited.

Click on UserCP then click on Edit Your Details.

Type in your Name/Address on the profile field.

Then go to the bottom of the page and hit save changes.