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Congrats To Dave Crum - The October CCW Member of the Month

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  • Congrats To Dave Crum - The October CCW Member of the Month

    Congrats To Dave Crum - The October CCW Member of the Month

    Dave will get a new MOTM badge and a prize from the staff. You will receive a PM shortly.

    We will announce a MOTM the first day of each month. If you are interested in knowing what the staff is looking for, here are several things we factor in

    - Number of trades
    - Post activity on the forums
    - Members referrals
    - Members who help out other members (freebies, book value check, etc)
    - Forum Etiquette

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    Congrats Dave!!!
    Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

    I do not trade nor buy at "eBay values", unless a card is so rare that it is unlisted.


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      Way to go dave
      Collecting Panthers and Lots more


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        congrats Dave!
        U.S. NAVY VET ~ I ONLY MAIL ON FRIDAYS!/JoseOzzieCanseco
        Click Banner for Trade List and Bucket Link

        Jose Canseco total 968/2,658 = 36.4% 53 g/u 15autos
        Ozzie canseco total 41/42 =98% 1g/u 4 autos


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          Click banner for tradelist

          Dan LeFevour PC 193/283


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            Congrats Dave
            Bucket l Los Angeles Inspiration l Tradelist
            Collecting GU/Patches/Autos:
            Dodgers, UCLA, Mexico, Adrian Gonzalez, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant,
            Joe Johnson, Toney Douglas, Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan


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              Congratulations Dave !!!!!!!

              The main items Im looking to trade for are
              Baseball HOFers Autos I need
              Orioles Autos I need
              Baseball HOFers GU I need
              Orioles GU I need
              Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
              However other offers will be considered


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                Thanks alot guys. Hope to contribute for a long time to come!!
                I collect a little bit of everything. But, if I never get back to you, your probably on Ignore!!


                Jim Thome Have List:

                Save the Ta-Tas