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  • Update On Site Forum Issues

    Hi everyone. I finally am able to log on here after about 10 days of the site being down or not working correctly. I finally spoke to the site owner. They are going through some site server mitigation and changing servers. Also the IT person is trying to find out what is wrong with the forum. Something happened and they are trying to figure it out.

    I know a lot of you are still having issues logging in. It keeps kicking me off or I log on and nothing happens. It shows then like I am not logged in and I cant post. I think it is something with the browser cache which they are looking into that and going to delete them.

    Again I know most loyal members of the forum have been frustrated and annoyed in last two weeks since the forum has not been working. I have been as well. They are working on it. While I am online logged in, I just wanted to post this for everyone to know it is being worked on. Hopefully it will be up fully and back to normal soon.

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    Ok as of an hour ago, I was able to log back on here from my phone and laptop. I have tested a few things and everything is working for me at least. When I spoke to the site owner the other day, I told him about the forum issues I have noticed. He and the IT person deleted all the cache, cookies, browse history from all browser databases and queries. I can now log on properly so something worked from it.

    Looks like everything is back to normal now. I really hope this is permanent now and we can go back to the forum business as usual now.

    If anyone is having an issues or concerns, please post it on this thread.


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      Thanks for the update and info. I've had NO PROBLEMS at all today. Everything seems to be NORMAL, knock on wood. For a while, about a week, it was VERY FRUSTRATING. Hopefully everything will now work for a l-o-n-g-t-i-m-e. Have a good night.

      The main items Im looking to trade for are
      Baseball HOFers Autos I need
      Orioles Autos I need
      Baseball HOFers GU I need
      Orioles GU I need
      Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
      However other offers will be considered


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        Good to be back in business!


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          No offense meant, but this board is the most confusing trade board out there. I continually get error messages, and people say they sent me messages, but I never got them. Its a shame, cause this is a nice community of traders and I enjoyed my time here. Unfortunately, since the site is so difficult to navigate, I will only be looking at posts..


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            Tom....please let me know if we are still trading. Post above sounds like you did not receive my last PM which was over a week ago. I have to admit that the old site was so much easier, Whatever happened to our trade ratings?


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              Jake - I answered that on one the staff questions thread. The owner hired a freelancer to create a new trade manager/itrading system since this new version of vbulletin isnt compatible with the old ones we were using before. They have all the trade ratings saved so when they add it back on the forum, all of our trade ratings will be intact. There were some delays and I havent heard anything in a week so not sure of ETA on that now.


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                Sorry for delay.......thanks for response.