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A Few Words of Wisdom...

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  • A Few Words of Wisdom...

    First off, if I havent welcomed you to CCW yet, let me do that. Welcome to what we hope is going to be the next big thing in internet card trading sites. There are a couple of things Id like to say, and would like all members to take the time to read this.

    1. Everyone here is here because of their love for the hobby of card and memorabilia collecting. Please keep that in mind as you deal with people on the site. Any negative treatment of a member by another member (Bashing) is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. You will be warned, and if it persists, you will be removed from the site. We dont want problems here, we want to have fun

    2. Similarly, foul language, slurs, or anything derogatory will not be tolerated. Again, we will warn you, and then will remove you if the problem persists

    3. Im the member relations advisor. Basically, that means, if something is happening here that isnt right, contact me. Dont get into wars of words with members- send me a PM, its my job to make sure everything between our members runs smoothly

    4. Finally, dont hesitate to ask me, or any staff member, any questions that you have, regarding the site, trading, or whatever. If we cant help you directly, we will find you someone who can. The site is still a work in progress, and our goal is to make it better every day.

    Welcome aboard!


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    THANKS for the info, sounds good to me.

    The main items Im looking to trade for are
    Baseball HOFers Autos I need
    Orioles Autos I need
    Baseball HOFers GU I need
    Orioles GU I need
    Vintage Orioles I need 1950s through 1970
    However other offers will be considered


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      good post. i cant imagine ever getting into a war of words with another member...
      I like 08 topps and get IP autographs.