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  • Magic Johnson, Larry Bird on lbj

    Jordan on lbj

    Magic on lbj

    Bird on lbj

    As for the saga that led to the union of James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, Bird had mixed feelings.

    "That's why we have free agency," he told Dakich. "When you get an opportunity to get an open market, anything can happen. I'm like a lot of people. I'd like to have seen LeBron stay in Cleveland but his desire was to go play with some great players and try to win championships. You've got to do what's best for yourself. He's a very, very talented young man, a great basketball player and he wanted to go play with Wade and Bosh. He had the ability to do that and he did it.

    "I remember back in my days, I'd rather play against Earvin Johnson than play with him," he said. "I know he's a great player and you always want to play with the best but I just loved to compete against him. He's a guy I always compared myself to. I'd rather stay in Boston and let him stay in L.A. and just compete every year in the Finals. That's what made me a better player. It would've been too easy if we played together."


    Kareem on lbj (after game 5 of 2nd round,2010 against Celtics)
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    Magic, Mj, and Bird were are all competitors who wanted to be the best.


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      i have to agree with the legends.they all wanted to be "the man".league is changing way too much.