The 2011-12 schedule has been released. The season is still up in the air with the NBA players currently locked out and some heading overseas to play.

Lakers Schedule (Entire Schedule)

Here are some of the Marquee Games for the upcoming season:
November 1
vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (7:30pm) TNT

November 17
vs. New York Knicks (7:30pm) TNT

December 8
@ Miami Heat (5:00pm) TNT

December 15
@ Dallas Mavericks (6:30pm) TNT

December 25
vs. Chicago Bulls (2:00pm) ABC

January 16
vs. Dallas Mavericks (7:30pm) TNT

January 20
@ Los Angeles Clippers (7:30pm) ESPN

January 26
vs. Los Angeles Clippers (7:30pm) TNT

February 9
@ Boston Celtics (5:00pm) TNT

March 4
vs. Miami Heat (12:30pm) ABC

March 8
@Chicago Bulls (5:00pm) TNT

March 11
vs. Boston Celtics (12:30pm) ABC

April 17
vs. San Antonio Spurs (7:30pm) TNT