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New 2011-12 Basketball Card Products?

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  • New 2011-12 Basketball Card Products?

    Is the reason the new Panini basketball products that usually release around September/October being delayed because of the NBA lockout?

    I remember way back in 1999 during that lockout, basketball products were still released, but without the rookies included (or with redemption cards ala Lucky 13 RCs).

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    I think the lockout is the reason and nothing will be release until the lockout is over. Maybe cards were allowed to be made in 1999, but I think David Stern has become a even more evil dictator since then, so hence no cards now. ..

    On a side note, Good riddance, I don't care if Panini makes any cards anyway. Hope this lockout severely damages their business, the basketball side anyway.

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      The Lockout is the definite reason why Panini hasn't dropped any 2011-12 products so far. Makes me sad, Washington had another decent draft class and I was looking forward to picking up rookies of Vesely, Singleton, and Mack.

      Hopefully the downtime gives Panini time to think on how to make a good product. Their basketball had my support at first, but now i'm starting to grow tired of the string of mediocre products. Wish they took care of basketball like they do their football products.
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        The only products I have liked is Prestige, Threads, and 09-10 Donruss Elite.