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Love, Wolves Agree To 4 Year Extension

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  • Love, Wolves Agree To 4 Year Extension

    Timberwolves, Love reach 4-year extension - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

    Proof that David Kahn and the Timberwolves franchise is horrible. Reports say that Love was willing to sign a 5 year extension, but the Wolves did not want to commit that many years and money to him. Its guaranteed he opts out after 3 years and leaves the team.

    Love signed a four-year maximum extension Wednesday worth more than $60 million that allows him to opt out after three years.

    The deal offers the financial flexibility and protection from injury that the Timberwolves were seeking while giving the 23-year-old Love the freedom to become an unrestricted free agent in 2015 if he so chooses.

    “Did I want the five years? Of course,” Love said on a conference call from Dallas before the short-handed Wolves beat the Mavericks 105-90. “It was something I felt strongly about. But at the end of the day, a four-year deal is still great.”

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    Great Signing.. but I think after the 4 years he will leave the Timberwolves for a bigger market..
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      Makes no sense not to just sign Kevin Love to the full 5 years. Not like the Wolves are a hot destination for hot FA's at any point in the future. Not like Kevin Love have some sort of injury history. Don't know what they're thinking, but 4 year is at least better than just screwing upthe whole thing and not re-signing Love at all. Which I expected the wolves to somehow do.

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        David Kahn = hilariously bad
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          Agreed. As great as Love is, Kahn is just as terrible.
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            he will leave like KG did after time as a Timberwolves
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