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Derrick Rose Out 8 To 12 Months

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  • Derrick Rose Out 8 To 12 Months

    Doctor: Bulls' Derrick Rose out 8-12 months - Yahoo! Sports

    There goes any chances of Chicago winning the title next season.

    The doctor who operated on Derrick Rose's knee insists the Chicago Bulls' star can dominate again.

    It will take time, though.

    Rose faces a recovery of eight months to a year.

    The assessment by team physician Dr. Brian Cole on Tuesday means the point guard could return around mid-January to early February, or miss next season. The doctor added there is a chance Rose could be back sooner, but ''we're not going to rush it.''

    The Bulls had already said Rose has a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Cole said there were also two tears in his meniscus cartilage.

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    Looks like i'm keeping that x-fractor for atleast another year


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      Cavs taking the Central next year! Book it!

      Anthony Davis + Kyrie Irving = CHAMPIONSHIP

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        Bulls need help!
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          Its over for Rose. He'll never be the same high level player that he was in the past.


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            Well said jsab4807!
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              Bummer, Rose was fun to watch. I like his humble way of playing.....not a show-boater or a loud-mouth.

              Maybe I can land a couple nice cards of his while he's out and prices maybe drop a bit.....his autos/patches are so freegin pricey, all I have of his are a couple RC's, low-end inserts, and base cards.
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                Originally posted by jwgreen68 View Post
                Its over for Rose. He'll never be the same high level player that he was in the past.
                Cannot agree more. As a Bulls fan, it's depressing, but I fully expected it when I watch him play; full impact elevation, sudden stops, forceful change in directions, are not really friendly for the knee.

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                  I'm a Bulls fan too and a Rose fan. Sadly, his knee just isn't going to be able to do everything his brain tells it to do. Grant Hill was able to change his game and have a fairly good career but never as the star player that he should have been. Maybe Rose can adapt and change his game too but he won't be an MVP impact type of player anymore. I doubt he will even be a starter. It seems like if it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all.