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Kobe blames Gasol for Game 4 loss

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  • Kobe blames Gasol for Game 4 loss

    Kobe Bryant blames Pau Gasol for Lakers' Game 4 collapse against Thunder - Yahoo! Sports

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    The last play Gasol threw to Durant which led to the 3 pointer was Gasol's fault. But Kobe was 1 for 8 in the 4th quarter and Bynum barely took any shots in the 2nd half after dominating the 1st half. Artest said it best, everyone had a part in the loss.

    Looks like Gasol will get traded this off season. The only offer which I know is still out there is the Rockets will trade Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, and Goran Dragic for Gasol. We may have to take that trade and then work at trading those players to other teams. No one will touch Gasol and his 2 year $40 contract.


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      Very weird situation. You're right Kerwin. They may have to take the offer and use the pieces for more trades.
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        Those star players have selective amnesia. They forget it's a team game and can't remember their own screw-ups. If this was golf, and you hooked your drive into the water on the first hole and ended up losing by a stroke, that's your fault. When it's basketball, you win as a team and lose as a team. There were a lot of missed shots by a lot of players at different times. My gosh, they all can't be perfect like King James!


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          Kobe who u goin to blame now that u lost Game 5
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