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Does greening or hulking affect grade

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  • Does greening or hulking affect grade

    Take a look at this Kobe 1996 Topps Chrome BGS 10 Pristine

    I looked up the serial on BGS website and it shows as being graded on Monday, October 08, 2012.

    There is a possibility that when the card was graded it didn't have any loss of color...but does it even matter?

    Does greening or hulking affect overall grade for PSA & BGS?

    Regardless of what the companies think, what is your opinion on the subject?

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    That is a great question. After some thought I believe that greening/hulking would effect the grading. I would think that it might be very hard to get graded a 10 as the card will have some change of the condition with greening/hulking under the grading microscope.

    What intrigues me is the initiating part of the thread on how the card was graded 10 BGS in 2012. And that its been 10 years so perhaps the card faded over time. It might make it a little more clear if there was another BGS 10 Kobe Topps Chrome 1996 graded within the past year. Try to see if they judge a greenish/hulking card the same grade.

    Just a thought and only my personal opinions. Thanks!

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