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Is Tebow's Faith A Distraction?

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  • Is Tebow's Faith A Distraction?

    This is a VERY touchy subject. Most people would prefer not to have to talk about it. Some people can't help but bring it up. Nonetheless Tebow's power to witness, which started with his scriptures under his eyes, has brought up some key issues with Bronco's fans.

    Has Tebow come to the NFL for other purposes other then to play football? Is he so dedicated to the Lord that he will become distracted from achieving his goal of being a great QB in the NFL. I don't think it has become a real issue for the most part. I believe he has still stayed focus with his NFL duties while maintaining a Christian lifestyle.

    I know there have been quite a few articles that have brought up the subject of "When will Tebow finally fall?" or "How long will it take for Tebow to make a mistake?" It's people's nature to guess toward the negative of someone's life. For goodness sake, just look at our news today. How much of it is taken up by positive information vs. negative crap. Its amazing how you look around and there are murders, prostitutes, drug shootings etc. plastered all over your local news.

    Well I am one in probably the minority that hopes that Tebow stays in the light throughout his entire career and stays clean. I would love to see him force the public to talk about his positive traits and positive actions due to not having any negative failings. Now I know we aren't perfect. Nobody is here on earth. But that doesn't mean you can't do your best at keeping a clean slate. And I pray that Tebow can keep his slate nice and spotless.

    The following quotes were taken from an Article located in The Denver Post. This article talked about how Bronco's fans were divided due to Tebow's faith.
    Michelle Olson calls herself the anti-Tebow. She is a diehard Broncos fan but has no love in her heart for its limelight-stealing sensation, rookie quarterback and evangelical everyman Tim Tebow.

    "He's a big distraction and has done nothing to prove he's NFL material," the 25-year-old Fort Collins woman said Tuesday morning at Broncos training camp in Dove Valley.

    It's Tebow's eagerness to share his Christian values and beliefs that really irks her.

    "That's why I hate him," she said.

    "It's my personal opinion that if you don't have a uterus, you don't have a right to express an opinion about abortion," Olson snapped.


    "That's why I adore him," said Jennifer Longmore, 26, of Loveland, who quickly adds that "it's a miracle" she and Olson are good friends.

    "I think he's absolutely great testimony, and I'm glad he was not aborted in the missionary field," Longmore said.


    "We are excited he's here in town," said Robin Gentry, a 38-year-old mother of three from Centennial who identifies herself as an evangelical Christian.

    "He's not afraid to talk about his faith or show people what he believes," Gentry said. "I like him as a person. I like his integrity."


    Dillon Meyers, an 11-year-old from Littleton, is, like many people, wearing Tebow's No. 15 jersey.

    "I think he's going to be good. I like that he looks up to people and believes in God," Dillon said.

    His grandfather, Ron Woitalewicz, said he approves of Dillon's looking up to Tebow.

    "His character, his work ethic and beliefs make him special," Woitalewicz said. "We're Catholic. People are excited about his devotion and faith. In an age of flamboyant NFL players, he's grounded. It's not all about him."

    There are other pro athletes out there who are like that, Woitalewicz said, "but he's just more open about it."


    James Perry, 22, of Denver comes from a long line of Broncos fans. He said he likes to think that religion is kept separate from what happens on the field, yet he realizes that Tebow's faith is an important part of his character.

    "He plays with a lot of heart," Perry said. "He's very fierce on the field. He has a great attitude. You watch him in the wind sprints — he never gives up. He never dogs out."

    Tebow is the only player on the team whose name Longmore knows.


    The entire article can be found here

    I would be interested in hearing your comments and seeing how both sides feel about the situation. We obviously know it is definetly divided.

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    heres my view on the subject- and I will start by saying im NOT a fan of Tebows on field talents.


    I respect him more than almost all athletes, not just because he is a good Christian man (many athletes are, I would wager) but because he is confident and proud of his religion, and is happy to talk about it- he doesnt hide it or just use it as justification when something good happens- Im tired of hearing athletes say "Id like to start by thanking God" and then two weeks later see them getting arrested for drugs and soliciting prostitutes.

    I think it will be important to see if fans are willing to accept that Christianity is as much a part of Tebow as football is. If so, they will likely embrace him regardless of how he plays. If they cant, then they will see him as a preachy person who cheapens the use of Gods name.

    at least, thats how I see it


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      I agree with Ed.