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NFL Player Spotlight 10/21/10 - Roy Williams

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  • NFL Player Spotlight 10/21/10 - Roy Williams

    NFL Player Spotlight 10/21/10 - Roy Williams

    Roy Williams
    Dallas Cowboys
    Wide Receiver

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    Player Biography
    Drafted by Detroit Lions - Round 1 Pick 7 in 2004 NFL Draft
    1x Pro Bowl (2006)

    Team History
    Detroit Lions: 2004 to 2008
    Dallas Cowboys: 2008 to present

    Career Statistics
    85 Regular Season Games
    4676 Receiving Yards
    37 Receiving Touchdowns
    Most Receiving Yards - 1310 (2006)
    Most Receiving Touchdowns - 8 (2004, 2005)

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    I've always considered Roy E. Williams overrated
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      Giant Bust...Cool cards though.
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        Has underwhelmed in his stint as a cowboy (not that i'm sad )

        surprising, he's done better in Detroit lol
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          Not sure I would consider him a bust, but he certainly has not lived up to his hype or potential.

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            I wouldn't consider Roy E. a bust just yet. The Cowboys are struggling big time & yet he has managed over 300 Yards & 5 TD's this season. To be quite honest, I think he has all the tools to be a #1 WR, but his mind is just not in the game. Maybe the dollar bills or the "hype" has gotten to his head. Would love to see him succeed as he was an absolute specimen at the U of T.


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              That player timeline card is a real nice lookin design!
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                What is going on with Dallas this year?
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                  What a waste!
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