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NFLPA asked Paul Tagliabue to recuse himself from bounty case

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  • NFLPA asked Paul Tagliabue to recuse himself from bounty case

    The NFLPA sent a letter to Paul Tagliabue asking him to recuse himself from the bounty appeals case, according to sources with knowledge of the situation

    The NFLPA has issues with the relationship between Tagliabue and commissioner Roger Goodell, and in particular Tagliabue's law firm representing Goodell in the lawsuit filed against him by Jonathan Vilma.

    The letter asks Tagliabue to respond to what the NFLPA believes are conflicts and ultimately asks the former commissioner to step away from the case, or further legal action could take place.

    Also in the letter to Tagliabue, union chief DeMaurice Smith raised the idea of the former commissioner being a witness in the case rather than arbitrator.

    The NFLPA would like to interview Tagliabue as to his role and the lack of discipline that stemmed from the 1996 investigation into Green Bay's "smash for cash" program.

    Goodell turned the appeal over to Tagliabue last Friday.

    By Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL Insider
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