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Tyrann Mathieu may have torpedoed his draft status

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  • Tyrann Mathieu may have torpedoed his draft status

    Tyrann Mathieu has always been a divisive figure to NFL scouts. Some think his blend of athleticism and hard hitting could translate into the pros. Others think he's a vastly overrated player who doesn't possess the true quickness to keep up with the speedy NFL wideouts.

    In August, a scout told me that Mathieu's off-the-field troubles cost the player millions of dollars, as he went from a high-round pick to a third or fourth rounder.

    Well, on Thursday, the Honey Badger allegedly was caught with his paw in the cannabis jar. The arrest comes after reports that he failed multiple drug tests while at LSU.

    NFL scouts contacted Thursday night fully expect Mathieu to enter the draft but the question is: where will he get drafted? Or would he even now get drafted?

    The same scout who projected Mathieu in the third or fourth round range now wonder if he'll go in the sixth or seventh round. Or get drafted at all.

    "It's not out of realm of possibility he doesn't" get drafted, said the scout.

    The reason, according to this scout, and a few other NFL personnel people I spoke to on Thursday? It's one thing when a player allegedly gets in repeated trouble. As one scout put it, arrests for college players are commonplace. Drug issues are commonplace.

    The concern developing with Mathieu is that he may be entering the NFL with addiction issues. Remember, he had entered a drug and alcohol treatment center this summer in Houston. The fact he was arrested for pot possession isn't a great sign he's taking his drug issues seriously.

    There is possibly even a greater concern among NFL scouts. All Mathieu had to do was stay out of trouble and the NFL would have seen that as a positive sign. Mathieu knew the league was watching and he still ended up in this jam. To the NFL, that's a sign of a lack of control.

    The only issue with saying Mathieu won't get drafted is that all it takes is one team to make that leap. One dumb team.

    It's not certain Mathieu will enter the draft. Maybe he goes to Canada or another league for a year, demonstrates he can be trusted and stay out of trouble, and then head to the NFL. But I doubt it. Mathieu will test the NFL.

    The overall sentiment developing in the NFL about Mathieu is that he can't be trusted. In the NFL, that's worse than a criminal record.

    By Mike Freeman | National NFL Insider
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