Haters gonna hate, and in NFL Week 11, I got plenty of hate to go around.

In fact, this week, I've already been called a hater. You see, each week, I put teams on upset alert. This isn't picking them to lose, it's simply saying that (as a favorite) they need to watch out because they've got a target on their back.

Apparently, for even suggesting that there is a possibility that the Denver Broncos (a 6-3 team) could lose a divisional game, I have gained a long history of hatred and personal vendetta against the Broncos.

Never mind the fact that my first NFL jersey was a Broncos jersey. Never mind the fact that John Elway's picture hung on my bedroom wall growing up. Just forget all of the long hours spent honing my Playstation football skills and rushing for a billion yard with Terrell Davis.

Nah, I must hate them. Literal hate. If there's some watch list, the Colorado State Police need to put me on it, because I'm angry they exist.

You know what though? It's nothing new, because I hate every team. I certainly hate your team, whoever they are, and I certainly hate you, because you're a punk (or a nerd, or a loser, or whatever...I don't care).

So why is your terrible team going to lose in Week 11? Spoiler alert: It's because they have horrible fans like you.
A Hater's Guide to NFL Week 11: Why Your Team Is Bound To Lose | Bleacher Report