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Are Leaf cards worth collecting?

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  • Are Leaf cards worth collecting?

    Hi, I'm very new to card collecting and not really familiar with all of the card manufacturers. Is there a thread that talks about the various brands, which ones are more collectible/trustworthy/valuable? With respect to Leaf, I hadn't even heard of them till recently. They make at least one type of cards I'm interested in: Draft Day Edition [football]. But asking prices for these cards are all over the map depending on where you look, so I'm not sure how to tell if I would be overpaying or what. Can someone with experience help? Thanks a lot!

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    there are alot of collectable brands out there right now. contenders/strata/prestige/upper deck spx are all great ones

    I am a big Redskins fan...


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      Not too familiar with Leaf anymore. Basically you have 3/4 Major BRANDS : Topps, Panini, Playoff, and Upper Deck. I'm sure I'm missing some but these produce many different sets. From what I have gathered Panini took over a lot of the smaller brands from the 90s when the industry plummeted. Topps, of course, was going nowhere. Not sure about the other brands. What I would recommend, depending on where you live, is to go to your local hobby shop (Don't base any decision on what you see at Wal-Mart/Target) and ask the owner, they're usually there, what sets are most popular in the different price ranges. They are around this stuff all day, and if they actually help you out and not push for you to buy their high end stuff you can get some really good info. WE all go through financial ups and downs, don't feel bad if you can only get a few packs here and there, now I do know Leaf has a set out now of College players that is pretty high-end. Personally I like waiting for them to get their NFL jerseys, but some like the college stuff strictly. After you find a price range you feel comfortable in next is to find a "theme." If you keep every card that's worth more than 5 bucks your collection will be full of guys that you have no clue about, but just want to keep it incase it increases in value. Then there are "set builders". These collectors are like women at a purse&shoe sale... they wont quit until they find EVERYTHING they need. I fall into both of these categories as many of us on here do.. We all have our favorite Brand/team/player/set/niche that makes each one of our collection unique. Check out the product review section on this site too, it has ALOT of good info on new sets coming out and what you can expect as far as inserts and what not. Don't hesitate to ask questions on here, pretty soon you'll have a base knowledge on the industry and the addiction it created. But if you only get one thing from this reply/advice let it be this: Find a theme... getting that new addition to a theme based collection is an awesome feeling, you wont just have a bunch of random cards. Good Luck and I hope this helped....




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        Panni owns the Playoff brand. There is Topps, Panni, Upper Deck, Press Pass and Sage. Upper Deck, Press Pass & Sage don't have a NFL Players Assoc. license and cannot use pictures of players in a pro uniform. Upper Deck has the contrat with the NCAA and they have the rights to all college uniform pictures.

        I personally haven't seen the Leaf product yet, but if the players are pictured in college uniforms, then Upper Deck must produce it.



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          Wow, thanks for all the great info! I'll definitely look into the brands you guys mentioned, and talk to the store folks, that's a great idea! Thanks again!!