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Arena League team offers Tebow backup job

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  • Arena League team offers Tebow backup job

    The Philadelphia Soul have offered Tim Tebow a job as their backup quarterback.
    This one is interesting because former Eagles quarterback and top-notch analyst Ron Jaworski is a co-owner of the Soul. He sent Tebow some plays he had in mind for him, mostly around the goal line. "One [criticism] of Tebow is that he is slow and methodical," Jaws said. "He would be forced to quicken it up in this league and it would be good training for him. You can learn a lot in this league. It's about processing information and getting the ball out...or you get whacked." Jaws did make it clear that Dan Raudabaugh would remain the Soul's starting quarterback no matter what. Tebow has zero known NFL suitors.

    Source: Philadelphia Daily News
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    I hope he gets a shot and takes advantage of it!
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      America is the land of second chances! Give him a NFL opportunity, if he fails, then we will all know what direction he needs to take.
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        He's already had an NFL opportunity and was only semi-successful. He has a below average throwing arm and I don't think he's able to process information as quickly as an NFL quarterback needs to. He does run well with the ball, so why not use him as a wide receiver? Tebow is a nice guy and good role model, I'd like to see him succeed, but I just don't think success will come his way as an NFL quarterback. I hope I'm wrong.


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          Arena league backup? LOLOLOL
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