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  • Question About Comparing Values to Ebay

    So here is a quick question: When stating that you are selling at or below Ebay pricing, do you look solely at the sell price or do you include shipping as well? For example, I have seen an autograph rc card sell for $23.00 plus $5.00 shipping but have seen the same card sell for $31.00 with free shipping. So what is the deciding factor especially when you have an $8 variance in the card 'price'? Just wanted some input on this.......


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    I take "Ebay pricing" as generally 20-30% below book value (sometimes up to 45-50% off, depending on the player)....NOT including shipping. Other sellers may jack up their price and add free shipping just to appeal to the buyer. I just look for the lowest prices, keeping in mind the condition of the card, the sellers rating, and sometimes, one of my favorite tricks on the Bay......seeing what other cards they are selling to take advantage of combined shipping!!

    Not sure if that answers anything... .....but thats my $0.02.
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      It all depends if you want your price to include shipping. If so, factor it in. If not, then just go off of straight sale prices on eBay.

      Of course, cards that have free shipping on eBay are always likely to sell a little higher than those with shipping, so you wanna factor that into an 'average' eBay price.

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        I couldn't agree more with the previous posts.
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          When I buy over there, I consider shipping to be part of the price I pay to get the card I want.

          If I'm gonna "Buy it now", I sort my search by lowest price + shipping (however it's phrased) & then look for a seller with a good feedback score in my price range.

          If I'm bidding, I consider shipping along with my bid when I set my limit.

          Why would I pay $3.00 + $2.99 shipping ($6.00) for a $5.00 card? My winning bid was low enough to be happy with, but shipping throws it out of whack.

          There's my version of what these other guys said.
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            As for myself, I probably have the least amount experience as a whole. But I'll take the cost and shipping, add these two, then take an average of other sellers with the same card. You will see that on an average basis, you'll be a few dollars off here or there. It's never a perfect science.

            I will also look for free shipping. You can find cost effective prices with free shipping. And there's always the buy it now scenario.

            Ultimately, and more importantly, look at a sellers history. If the sellers rieview has negative comments, then you must make the choice to purchase from this person or not to. I always hit the button that says see more like this. This gives you a better perspective.
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