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Brett Favre: There is no way I'll play again

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  • Brett Favre: There is no way I'll play again

    Speaking Thursday, Brett Favre said there's "no way" he's going to play in the NFL again.
    Favre was responding to reports that the Rams contacted him in the wake of Sam Bradford's season-ending knee injury. He said he's told his agent not to even pass along inquiries anymore because he's done. "I don't know who, but I think a couple teams have inquired," he said. "It's flattering, but there's no way I'm gonna do that." Favre is 44 years old and hasn't played since 2010, when he went 5-8 with the Vikings. He's a literal grandfather.

    Source: Sports Talk 570
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    I know Favre did that whole flip flop thing back in the day. And he showed everyone in 2009 how much of an American Icon he was. I'm sure even the Favre haters will agree that he had a fantastic season in '09.

    Favre and everyone and their mothers know when it's time to hang up the 'ole cleats. Now Jeff Garcia is offering to play for the Browns or the Buccs! WOW!

    Source: NFL Talk 98.9 YOU ROCK w/Toshi LOL!
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      I dont believe this. He will be back. Just watch. LOL!