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Please explain the different types of brands regarding Panini and Topps

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  • checkmycards2013
    Basically the big difference is the stock and materials used to make a card.

    Upper deck, score, pinnacle, topps, bowman use a thin stock (thickness) and normal printing technology for all base products. Panini elite is an example also of normal technology. When cards are made this way , they are not necessarily bad just not expensive to make and hence to collect.

    Special releases topps chrome, topps prime, topps triple threads, upper deck excuisite or the cup, bow man platinum, panini black or momentum, etc. use a thick card stock and the technology used to print and cut them is more expensive. They also have lots of detail or quality surface like the chrome or are filled with memorabilia pieces. This makes them more expensive to collect.

    Products like bowman sterling or five star are filled with rookies or HOF (Hall of fame) autos etc. As is the case for fleer retro.

    The only other difference is in the way a company attracts a collector.
    Topps opening day, bowman just minors, topps heritage, gypsy queen, Allen and ginters, etc. appeal to a specific audience weather it be rookies, minors, team USA, HOFers , or like Allen and ginters does movies and famous people or science and animals as well as players.

    You notice product releases with the most famous people, big name rookies, or HOF stars autos or memorabilia cards or the cards with the coolest technology get the biggest attention.

    Topps Allen and ginters and five star are examples.
    Topps chrome and finest are an example of the technology with the refractors and 1/1 superfractors

    When a company uses the term prime like in Topps prime etc. it simply means emphasis put on the memorabilia cards. Like oversized pieces or unusual pieces.
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  • Andrew825
    A lot of times, you can tell by pack price.
    For example, at Target, you can get a pack of Panini Score for $1, and you get 7 cards. For 3x-4x that price, you can get 1 pack of Topps Platinum, which only offers 4 cards per pack (I think, though that might have been last year).
    I find it easiest to use that math of price-per-card to determine what is high-end/low-end.
    In my opinion, I find that the Topps Brand mainly focuses on the player picture, with very little text/design. On the other end, Panini uses lots of artwork to make their cards stand out.

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  • hayn
    Your best bet is to go to the top of the CCW forum and click home. Just input in the search engine "2012 football", Topps football, or Panini football. You can then review Ryan Cracknell's reviews on a particular product as well as see where the product stands. ie: mid-level, high end, etc.

    In general and in my humble opinion, I view Topps products from mid to high as Topps, Bowman, Prime, Chrome, Platinum, and Finest as entry level mid-end products. Inception, Valor, Supreme are mid to high end cards. And high end Topps would be Triple Threads, Bowman Sterling, and Five Star.

    Panini's inventory is huge, I will just touch on some items I tend to purchase. Entry level to mid level would be Score, RS, Prestige, Elite, Certified, Crown Royale, Prominence, and Limited. From this point on Panini has products that start from $150.00 to $500.00. Momentum, Black (Discontinued for 2013), and National Treasures.

    Also note that Upper Deck and Leaf have their ultra high end items. Exquisite, Best of Football, and the $1000.00 hobby box from Upper Deck Joe Montana special issue.

    Ultimately, once you read most of Ryans reviews and actually start purchasing the wide variety of products, you will have your own opinion on what you deem as mid level and or high end! You will ultimately make your own decision based on your income on what you can afford and not afford. Most importantly is to just have fun.

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  • Please explain the different types of brands regarding Panini and Topps

    I am relatively new to card collecting.

    My question is can someone please explain the different types of sub-brands of cards to me. Which is really good and high quality and which is the lesser quality? i.e. Topps (Chrome, Platinum, Prime, etc.) ; Panini (Certified, Prestige, Score, etc.)

    Thanks a ton!