Wow! Amazing! WTF! No Way! Are you Crazy! How can you do that! F#%£! Yah!

Some of the expletives heard in my home last night watching the Colts at Texans game. I have to admit, after Favre retired, I really could not find a QB to take his place. Sure, there is Brady, P. Manning, Brees, and Rodgers. They are all phenoms in their own right! And I definitely enjoy watching them play. There are no other like these men. Then last week, watching the Broncos at Colts, I definitely thought that Manning will prevail and his successor will cede. That was not the case. As I watched that game I noticed how Luck read the D and adjusted continually. Hmmm. Just like?

Without thinking any further, according to Mrs. Toshi I don't even think! I decided to have Andrew Luck as my new replacement for Favre. I know they are two completely different players but, I'll stick by Luck and hopefully I'll be able to watch his induction into Canton, Ohio Hall of Fame. By the way, there's not too much out there!

Eventually luck won and now the Colts must fight on without some key players. So here I am relaxed watching the start of SNF, and.......

Allow me to back track. About six months ago when most of the football card collecting season started to slowly fizzle out, I picked up a hanger pack of 2012 Topps Platinum from Target. As usual, Mrs. Toshi opened the pack and said you got a hit! "Of whom", I asked? When she said his name I was thinking who in the world is Case Keenum? A short time later, cueballz1 sent me a package containing a huge variety of 2012 Topps Platinum. Everything was either an X-Fractor or a colored parallel. I was elated as I did not own a Luck black refractor nor a base Russell Wilson. Actually, most of what he sent me was all a first for me. I told him; "It's not much but I have a few cards with autos and I just got a Case Keenum auto as well". Like all forum members, his reply was; "Don't worry about it".

So months has passed by and.....,.

Here I am relaxed and watching SNF. I'm thinking Colts will win this one. By the 1st quarter, I'm thinking the Colts need to stop the game, tell the Texans they win, and the Colts need to go home and figure things out. OMG! Case Keenum and Andre Johnson were unstoppable. With simple eloquence the Colts got their ass handed to them on a silver platter. Who ever thought that there was a Case Keenum, let alone the fact that he could play like that. If anything, he reminds me of a gunslinger QB named.....

Before I continue, I hope Coach Kubiak gets well very soon. I always like the way the Texans played and Coach Kubiaks demeanor. The Texans were my sleeper team, although after watching Matt Shaub play, the Texans recent games somewhat changed my mind as far as a sleeper team was concerned. In reality, the Texans fell asleep!

Now to collecting. Out of the blue, I went on eBay and typed in Topps Football cards. There must have been a dozen 2012 Topps Platinum Auto RC Case Keenum selling in excess of $40.00. I went back and re-typed Case Keenum in cards in the search bar and I saw Case Keenum cards that no one wanted on eBay now selling from $30.00 to $200.00! There was a Superfractor of Keenum going for $2,500.00!

As forum members are aware Mrs. Toshi and I are really new at collecting. Just a little background on us for rookies of this forum. I'm 46 years old, retired and just started collecting football cards in mid-December of 2012. So our knowledge in collecting is minimal at best. So members of this forum have seen price spikes like this, but this is not the case for Mrs. Toshi and I. This is our first full season in this hobby, so to see a card of an unknown player go for $0.05 to $40.00 is a big shocker for us.

In my final assessment, I hope Coach Kubiak gets well, I am shocked and very excited for the Texans and their new QB Keenum, and I eagerly await for December during the post season run to see Luck one again!

Thank you,