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price of 2012 football cards

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  • price of 2012 football cards

    Is it just me or does it seem the price for hobby boxes is going up?

    I swear I seen a price average of 150 for contenders and 100 for elite

    Now I see 200 for contenders and 120 for elite

    In fact contenders has now been seen at 220 a hobby box.

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    I think 2012 stuff is going up b/c the 2013 class is so bad. I've only bought 2 2013 boxes this year compared to last year when I was buying one or two a month. My LCS has contenders around 189 right now. They said 2013 stuff wasn't moving too fast so they've been picking up extra 2012 product but said it's starting to run dry through their wholesaler.

    Looking for mainly Cowboys, Andy Dalton


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      Without question, on a financial standpoint, 2012 hobby/retail boxes are rising due to demand. We will never see another draft class like we had in 2012. I have continued to emphasize that point. I personally will purchase 2012 products until the stock of 2012 products cease to exist.

      I am easy, I collect any and all NFL cards. Individual players I really enjoy are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson. My passion is Favre rookie cards and vintage cards.