As we all seen the game more then likely, Ray Rice had his worst game since 2009 averaging 1.5 yards per carry (11 carries, 17 yards) in the Browns vs Ravens game sunday. I for one always stand behind my team no matter if we are winning or losing, it happens and that's how they learn. But the issue with Flacco not putting in the completions is getting old. Yes I understand he still has some learning to do, and is said that Harbough is going to let him become 1 of the elite that will read the play on-field and call it as he see's it on the spot. This maybe a good thing or could be a terrible thing. Losing a lot of key players this past year that have grown on one another did not help much either, but its a learning curve for vets/rookies alike.

On another note browns did look pretty strong taking over the #2 spot in the division by beating us, and Jason Campbell held his composure well and when the blitz came he delivered. Instead of Terrell Suggs trying to take control like ray lewis did he needs to learn more before taking that leap in guiding our team. Greg little's on field antics were that of a child(30yrds in penalties for unsportsman like conduct) and was very close to being benched. Devone bess helped score 2 tds thrown by Campbell.

Just a little write up I figured I would do for anyone who missed it and a little bit of info I threw in there.

Qrtr 1 Qrtr 2 Qrtr 3 Qrtr 4 Final

Ravens-3 Ravens-7 Ravens-0 Ravens-8 18 (3-5)
Browns-7 Browns-7 Browns-7 Browns-3 24 (4-5