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  • Mnf

    To my fellow members,

    This is such a strange season! From the Patriots with John Doe receivers, Kaepernick getting beat time and time again, to franchise QB's getting hurt, and Kansas City undefeated? What? Wait? No Way! Then to hear about Incognito!

    Strange Shocker:

    So last nights game??? Mr. Rodgers getting hurt was a shock! Now it's accepted that everyone gets hurt in the NFL, but to hear the name Seneca Wallace was a huge shock for me. The last time I heard his name was in 2009-2010. He was the back up to a very forgettable QB named Colt McCoy with the Cleveland Browns. So this is a game of altricial no bodies. This year is the year of backups. Now we hear names like Josh McCowan playing for star power names like Jay Cutler. What next?

    2013 Draft Class:

    I am guilty of continuous bashing of the 2013 draft class and not wanting to purchase any hobby boxes from 2013. Only to be a stubborn bull headed spoiled individual to continue to purchase hobby boxes from 2012. To see Lacy run like that was amazing, to see Patterson make returns like that is phenominal, and I'm sure there are more rookies that will step up to make game winning plays.

    Who are they:

    Without the stars playing, these games are now at a watered down scenario. Like drinking a glass of single malt scotch with ice, five minutes later it's mud water. We as fans are truly spoiled, we want our stars out there and we want our teams to win. We don't want to see backups? On Sunday I had to continuosly tell myself that we are watching Case Keenum. Who is this guy?

    2013 Post Season:

    As strange as this year seems, I'm still excited to see these rookies and backups make their mark in the NFL. I'm excited to see the football card collectors sell and buy what's hot this week. And I will not guess what team will still be here in the post season as trying to will only lead to misinformation. Just like the movie title; "On any given Sunday".


    Finally I come to this. Actually we all come to this. No matter how hard we as the human race try to unite, there will always be people that will make our progress very difficult. Now we need to understand, Ingognito has every right to feel the way he feels. This is what makes this nation so great, the freedom to speak freely. The only issue now is Incognito's death threats to Martin and his family members. Sometimes it takes such a awful situation for us to understand we still need to work harder and understand that although our skin color defers, it's how we help our fellow man/woman for the better, a healing of the soul if you will. Just some random thoughts from a guy with too many questions.

    Yours truly,
    I am easy, I collect any and all NFL cards. Individual players I really enjoy are Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson. My passion is Favre rookie cards and vintage cards.